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Why Choose Conselle To Become An Image Consultant?

Why Choose Conselle To Become An Image Consultant?

Why Choose Conselle To Become An Image Consultant?

Learn to do right things right! Conselle’s training workshop offers a fast-paced, content-rich, image education experience you can’t get anywhere else. If you are serious about a career in image management, make the time to really read each paragraph, each point in this and accompanying sections. Highlight points that appeal to you for future reference. Circle points you have questions about and review our FAQs or contact Conselle for answers. Think seriously and consider carefully what you need and what you get when you attend Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Management.

Experience Conselle’s original curriculum with principle-based core competencies that successfully put the focus on Technical information, and Professional Development information, and Business Management information. Recognizing the value, in 2008 AICI adopted Conselle’s core competencies for all image professionals.

Realize that color analysis is not the end-all be-all in image consulting. Color is one part of the image puzzle that needs to be relegated to its rightful position within the whole scope and sequence of layered information—a part of the art and science of image management essential for a successful business.

Conselle’s entire curriculum is designed to integrate and simplify the complex interdisciplinary field of image management. We use methods designed to enhance learner ability to apply and transfer image information. Extensive hands-on interactive exercises and activities will engage and facilitate the learning process and maximize learning retention.

Master the art and science of strategic dressing, dressing with purpose and intent. Increase your knowledge and experience with wardrobe style selection and coordination for eight different figure or body types and six different personal style types, with three different options in personal color evaluation and advice, creating client styling portfolios, and personal shopping excursions.

“Learn what works, what doesn’t, and WHY!” Everything you learn through Conselle is grounded in fact—founded on fact! But the right foundation alone is not enough. You must also have the right framework for the application of the facts to the client. The application cannot work for just 5, 50, or 500 people. The application and advice must be replicable, re-producible, working for 5,000, 5,000,000—for the entire population! At Conselle this is what you get and you’ll know WHY!

Conselle does not limit your options nor your creativity. Systems of color analysis based on Seasons or Color Key, and systems of figure analysis and clothing style selection that depend on repetition only may work apparently well for some few, but do not work for an entire population. Each system of this type relies on a few general truths that people recognize, to sell a lot of untruths. Potential clients do not know enough about line, shape, color, texture, or pattern to make an educated assessment of the system. “When you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re missing!”

Superbly prepared and clearly passionate about her subject, Executive Director Judith Rasband leads you through each of the separate areas of image career preparation, bringing out in every lecture, seminar, or workshop session the detail, the depth, the power, the adventure, and what it means, in every sense, to become an image consultant—an image management professional. You emerge empowered to become more than a mere facilitator. With experience you will function as a teacher, educator, coach, and mentor to your clients.

Learn to think outside of the box as you actively participate in thought – provoking, motivating, and inspiring discussions, within an environment that allows you to ponder the possibilities and options within the image industry, to explore and experience the concepts, methods, and materials provided to propel you toward the accomplishment of your vision—the fulfillment of your dreams.

Be amazed to discover that “the business of image consulting is not rocket science. It’s harder!” By efficiently segmenting and organizing the art and science of image management, you can deal with the complexity. By effectively simplifying concepts and strategies, you can transfer your knowledge and skills to your clients. You will become the image expert who understands what it means to say, “It’s not only what you wear, but ‘how’ you wear it!” allowing you to swiftly adapt to rapid changes in fashion, in the field, and in the world.

Professional Practice in Image Consulting

Clearly, the Greeks are a source of much that we value and admire in the art of dress. The Elements and Principles of Design are rooted in Greek art and architecture—and clothing certainly functions much as an architectural facade enclosing the body. The Golden Mean and the Law of Areas applied in fashion design originated with the Greeks.

The words, “Know Thyself,” were emblazoned above the portals of Apollo’s temple at Delphi. For image professionals, this command for self-awareness requires that we understand and apply the physical, psychological, social, and artistic aspects of image to ourselves first, before we venture forth to assess and advise our clients. Through this experience you will increase your confidence, capability, and credibility.

During Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Consulting, You Will:

* Recognize that clothing functions much like a second skin. It is truly your body’s most intimate environment, having great power to influence.

* Transition from the trendy or cliché to a process of purposely, mindfully, choosing the combination of design elements and principals that harmonize with your values, attitudes, and personality—lifestyle and personal style.
* Receive for yourself, a head-to-toe image evaluation from the inside out. Receive style tips as you develop and refine your own professional image, preparing you to be a powerful role model to all you meet.
* Master the professional critique process essential for your work with clients, both individually and collectively.
* Have fun with interactive exercise assignments, purposely structured so you will develop your skills for use with clients. Receive valuable feedback so that you may continually increase your knowledge and ability.
* Create your own picture portfolio representing core concepts and strategies, ready to share with clients to facilitate their own learning process.
* Meet with hair stylists, makeup artists, and retailers as you learn how to put together your own image “team” of professionals.
* Clarify your people skills, business skills, technical skills, and related skills.
* Learn the difference between doing a good job and doing a great job!
* Strategically position yourself within your chosen target market.
* Learn how to effectively differentiate yourself from the competition.
* Create your business plan and related action plans to launch your business.
* Receive a detailed appraisal of your business and marketing plans.
* As an unknown consultant entering the field, discover how to become the “go-to” image expert in your market area.

If you believe that life should be a quest for knowledge based on values, truth, and purpose, filled with passion and managed by individual responsibility, then yours is the sort of mind and spirit that can be fulfilled by the concepts and strategies you will receive at Conselle. You’re going to enjoy a lifetime of learning, teaching, and personal growth.

Less lofty in explanation, if you believe you are fashion savvy, have a talent and a passion for dress and the process of image consulting, and regularly envision yourself having a ball working in the field of image, then yours is the sort of dream that can be fulfilled with the methods and materials you will receive at Conselle. You’re going to have a lot of serious fun!

Conselle prepares you for taking the AICI Certified Image Associate exam (CIA). All core competencies are covered in the Educational-Training. AICI members who have passed the exam regularly report their use of Conselle books to prepare. Upon passing, you are entitled to print the letters AICI FLC behind your name.

Our goal is to educate, enable, and empower each Conselle affiliate to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients and in society as a result. This ability is essential to continued business success, and ultimately to your own fulfillment as you profoundly influence and enhance people’s lives for the better—“Look better, think better, feel better, do better, then others will treat you better. Life gets better!”

To Become An Image Consultant You Are Going Where?

Because of Conselle’s international reputation for excellence, students are attracted to the Conselle Institute of Image Management located in a beautiful mountain valley in a land called Utah, just South of Salt Lake City—the crossroads of America.

With tuition and accommodations at a more reasonable price, costs are lower to the student. Conselle affiliates are located all across America, in Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Philippines, Africa, India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, South America, Australia and South Korea. Start your new and rewarding career as an image consultant with a full-service education at Conselle.

From Conselle’s unique vantage point, we see it all, from the best to the worst in fashion and image from all directions. We’re better able to evaluate with a more objective eye, what comes out of the New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas fashion and image markets—international markets as well.

At Conselle we analyze and synthesize, projecting what works, what doesn’t, and WHY — enabling us to prosper and continually advance the image industry now fifty years running! Join us. It’s a step in the right direction.