Wardrobe Styling Retreat

We’re going to celebrate the creative art and science of wardrobe styling in an inspiring and nurturing environment.

Retreat for five days to Utah Valley, nestled below the captivating Wasatch Mountains. Participate in lively hands-on practice and feedback with AICI Image Master Judith Rasband, enabling you to style the right outfits or clusters of clothes, the right way, for the right occasions to benefit yourself, your family, and/or your clients. Watching an outfit coming together in complete harmony is a joy to experience.

Learn what works, what doesn’t and WHY!

Bring a few favorite clothes of your own for expert direction and inspiration in personal styling. Daily snoop-shopping sprees enable you to transition from classroom learning to in-store applications.

We have a lot of serious fun, with dinner out on the town.


  • You’ll receive Core Concepts relating to image management and wardrobe styling—able to voice the importance and influence of clothes in everyday life.
  • You’ll delight in learning the foundational Wardrobe Strategies in sequence, supported by virtual closet demonstration wardrobes.
  • You’ll be amazed by the logic of the timeless and universal Style Scale® with its four levels of dress—organized, illustrated, and demonstrated for success in everyday life.
  • You’ll increase your understanding of the Elements of Design used to achieve harmony in an outfit as you apply the Fashion Rule of ONE™.
  • You’ll discover what goes into the wardrobe styling thought process, experiencing it for yourself as you advance through four levels of evaluation related to lifestyle and personal style.
  • You’ll have fun, sorting through our fashion “boutique” with hundreds and hundreds of garments to choose from as you “scarecrow” exciting new looks.
  • You’ll appreciate the range of choices in garment and accessory style lines and shapes, colors, textures, and patterns you can use to create subtle degrees of difference in mood and message for classic and creative outfits.
  • You’ll participate in the evaluation process, advancing your understanding as you move through points of consideration, discussion, and presentation.
  • You’ll be learning and speaking the Language of Clothes, becoming more fluent in terms of visual design in dress.
  • You’ll recognize the lifestyle and personal style traits communicated by specific elements of design used in the outfits.
  • You’ll come away with greater recognition and understanding of your own personal style preferences, eager to apply your newfound knowledge and ability to your own wardrobe styling and to styling for your family and/or clients.

Take advantage and advance your ability in fashion and wardrobe styling.

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There’s never before been an opportunity open to you with access to clothes and accessories you get to “play with” for hands-on experience in the process of wardrobe styling. It’s all about the experience!

Retreat Tuition

Invest in 5 Fabulous Days of Your Life for $1200. Tuition includes high value print materials relative to learning objectives. To insure individual attention, registration is limited to 6 participants per session.

You’ll enjoy our host hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn at a reduced rate, complete with full breakfast daily and two light suppers. Conselle books your hotel and airport shuttle.

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About Your Retreat Director

Link your dreams to a star—Judith Rasband is an international authority on image management, a Certified Image Master (CIM) through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the first of only seven worldwide. She has received the image industry’s highest award, the IMMIE. She holds an MS degree, specializing in the artistic, social, and psychological aspects of dress and image, chalking up more than 40 exciting years in the field as fashion and image educator, author, columnist, model, stylist, consultant, and coach. A trusted consumer advocate, Judi receives rave reviews for her informative, entertaining presentations, and contagious enthusiasm. An expert on personal style, she is a stickler for detail, accuracy, and the reason “why” or “why not” behind every point of practical advice. Her popular textbooks and videos are used in homes, schools, and universities throughout America and Canada, including Wardrobe Strategies, 5 Easy Pieces, the Image Management Quick Reference Guide, and the industry best-seller Fabulous Fit. She has been interviewed and featured on scores of radio and television news and talk shows, including NPR, the BBC, ABC and NBC Eyewitness News, GMA, Today, and Oprah. She has been quoted and published in professional journals, popular magazines, and newspapers such as Glamour, Self, Woman’s Day, Entrepreneur, Threads, and WWD, the Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Working with Judi will be rising stars, Dani Slaugh and Michelle Archibald, both with degrees in the field, certification through Conselle and AICI, and boundless energy to add to the fun.