The Vision and Spirit of Conselle Institute of Image Management

May 24, 2017

Of all that Conselle offers, this Vision is our most powerful incentive.

The Spirit of Conselle is the heart and soul of this image enterprise. It is a sincere and rare quality—a combination of consumer concern, principle-based concepts, proven strategies, respect, hard work, and commitment—that becomes part of each person affiliated with Conselle and enriches our service to others each day.

At Conselle, we work to provide great concepts, programs, services, and products not because we have to, but because we want to. When slick systems and instant gratification were the norm, Conselle resisted and stood alone with it’s principle-based standards. After four decades of experience, surviving the ups and downs of the image business, the Spirit of Conselle is the unalterable constant that makes it a great company, one worthy of creating a great business.

The Conselle Spirit is evident in everything we do:

in the concern for individuals, families, and organizations as we strive to provide meaningful materials for varied and special needs.
in the careful selection of the words used to define, describe, or develop an image concept or wardrobe strategy.
in the logical arrangement of image information and application.
in the creativity of the client interactive exercises.
in the thoroughness of the client information interview and interactive exercises.
in the sensitive approach to personal evaluation and image advice.
in the wide variety of options offered to meet client needs.
in the caring, sharing attitude—consultants are not just facilitators, but real teachers.

As Conselle adapts itself to meet the demand of our global industry, the ongoing concern is that its Spirit must remain intact. As Conselle moves cautiously forward into the bright future, it is this Spirit that will make the difference between this image company and any other in the world. Join us.

Our 16-Day Educational Training and Certification Program positions Conselle as the model and standard of excellence in image management. Join us.