Upgrade and Update Your Professional Abilities

May 11, 2017

By Judith Rasband

Serious matters for image professionals serious about becoming the best in the business and maintaining a successful career.

It’s the highest form of compliment to be copied, so I’m told. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Conselle’s charts for relationship learning, our demonstrative teaching and interactive exercises, the professional style concept of a continuum–all are being picked up and presented by other image entities, with and without credit. So, I guess I’ll try to enjoy the approval of what’s been copied and hope it serves to upgrade the image industry.

In the meantime, make sure you’re not the stereotypical image consultant who advises clients to:

  • Focus on first impression.
  • Wear 3-inch heels and only 14K gold jewelry.
  • Avoid horizontal lines, prints and patterns.
  • Discover the secret of season.
  • Copy the dress of your superior.
  • Throw out anything not worn for 6 months or a year.
  • Buy into the look of the moment, the latest “must have.”

With advice like this, it’s no wonder that fashion is still considered vain and frivolous and image consultants are so often maligned and avoided by the press–not trusted nor hired by the people who need us most. Don’t be left behind. Upgrade and update your professional capability to up your bottom line.

  • Learn the language, the words used at Conselle, necessary to communicate with clarity, accuracy, and sensitivity to consumers, clients, colleagues, and professionals beyond our fashion field.
  • Learn the principle-based concepts, strategies, and skills taught by Conselle, necessary to carry you through a lifetime career successfully.
  • Learn how to use seminar and service tools and materials developed at Conselle to simplify and speed learning and application in real life situations.
  • Learn the “why’s” behind the “what” that’s presented at Conselle. Be able to understand and explain why and how clothing works as a resource and the elements and principles of design work to meet a client’s need.
  • Learn how to introduce and incorporate what’s new from Conselle into your existing business–how to internalize the words, concepts, strategies, and skills and make them yours.
  • Learn how to get return business for both seminar and service clients. With Conselle, you learn how to keep your clients coming back for life.
  • Learn how you can move beyond your local and regional area, working with Conselle in university and business settings on a national level.
  • Learn from Conselle’s Judith Rasband. She’s done it all and she didn’t switch fields when the going got tough. She doesn’t leave anything out!

If you’re not going to get a college degree in the artistic, social, and psychological aspects of dress and image with a background in business, study with someone who has. Get the college equivalent. Invest in 15 days to receive the equivalent college course material plus original Conselle material essential for you to know and to use to build a successful practice in image management.

Two weeks out of your life isn’t too much for this life-changing education; followed by a 15-month mentorship allowing time and means for you to internalize and put into practice all you received; followed by an independent licensing program that guarantees continued professional association and access to new Conselle materials and products.

Compare the background, the base, the content, and the cost. There’s not another training program that gives you what you get with Conselle. And it only gets better!

Judith Rasband

CEO, Conselle L.C.