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University & School Programs

Self-Presentation For Students

Prepare your graduating students to outclass their competition by giving them the “Image Advantage” with its visible edge! Essential information about professional image and self-presentation. This seminar becomes an annual event on campus, preparing students for job interviews, internships, and life after graduation.

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Led by:

Judith Rasband, President & CEO

You’re here because you have questions or needs relevant  to appearance, image, self-presentation, or self-branding — for yourself, your employees, or someone else you care about. You want answers and applications that make sense. That’s where I come in — to tell and show you what works, what doesn’t, and WHY. Make time to look through my website on a computer to get the big picture. Discover what image is all about and the services I provide for you. Learn how to project who you are from the inside out with pro-active, mindful intent.


-Judith Rasband, Certified Image Master (CIM)

“What keeps me in this business is the fact that what you choose to wear affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act or behave, and only then the way others react or respond to you, affecting the achievement of your goals–or not.”

-Judith Rasband

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People want to feel special and self presentation can do that. Non-verbal communication through dress, grooming, and body language, including etiquette—as a resource to aid in achieving your goals in the home, church, school, community, and workplace—options for authentic, attractive and affordable, classic and creative appearances, according to need.

Impact and Integrity Through Self-Presentation

This innovative class teaches you to use clothing as a resource, with proven tools and strategies to dress for appropriate impact in all situations. Students will learn self-presentation skills and how to:

  • Determine appropriate interview attire, regardless of a dress formal or casual code.
  • Create a positive first and lasting impression, reflecting your values and personality.
  • Use a process that breaks the confusing, often overwhelming task of wardrobing into manageable pieces
  • Create an authentic and affordable beginning wardrobe with a logical range of clothing styles appropriate for lifestyle and personal style.
  • Increase confidence, capability, credibility, productivity, and individuality.

A High-Return Investment

You will learn the latest, most effective, and comprehensive self presentation concepts available in the business world and leadership location—dressing from the inside out. The principle-based concepts, skills, and strategies taught in the class are designed to simplify image issues and eliminate negative image cues often overlooked with self presentation. Experience immediate and long lasting results.

Featured Program/Seminar Topics:


Image Advantage For College & University Graduates


“Giving these students that ‘competitive edge’ that helps to make them more successful is a doctrine that we try to emphasize in our day-to-day contacts. But your counsel was so much more refined and sophisticated than we are able to offer that I’m sure the students will benefit more substantially from it.”


-R.D.C. Career Fair Chairman
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