1) Find out where and how the instructors got their own education and experience. Investigate their work history.

2) Find out how many years they worked in private practice before beginning to train others. For career education, you want lead instructors with at least ten years experience in private practice before claiming readiness to train or teach others. (Minimal programs in wardrobe styling and makeup artistry may be exceptions.)

3) Protect yourself from false advertising. Students have paid fees to supposedly accredited trainers. Only college and universities are accredited by the State. FIT image consulting courses are “not for credit.” AICI does not provide accreditation. A “Diploma” implies credit where there is none.

4) Never fall for the idea that whoever charges the highest fees must be the best. The highest fees do not guarantee a high quality education or training.

5) Find out what qualifies you to receive a “Certificate” or “Certification.” How do you earn that “Certification?” Recognize the added value in certification for competence as compared to certification for mere attendance.