If you’re serious about an image consulting career, you want to make sure you really do know all you need to know to benefit your clients and to succeed long term. You may have a good eye for color, but what about style lines and shape, fabric and texture, and pattern as they relate to a persons values, personality, body build, and personal coloring, lifestyle and personal style, roles and goals?
You may have read a lot of books on fashion and image, but were they the best books, including peer-reviewed textbooks? Many trade books and self-published books contradict one another. How do you know what works, what doesn’t, and why? You need proven, reliable client materials, forms, and tools—and you don’t want to start from scratch.

With Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Management, you’ll jumpstart your career, walking away with everything you need to succeed in the image business. With Certification, you’ll earn credibility with potential clients. You’ll have a continuing support system through Conselle affiliation. Conselle is prepared to become your partner in success.