Training FAQ’s

Conselle Educational Training FAQs

Many questions frequently asked are already covered in the extensive set of links to learn more about How To Become An Image Consultant. Do make time to browse through Conselle’s related pages. For any question not covered, make note then Contact Conselle. We’ll get back to you personally.

I have a good eye for color, have read all the fashion books, and friends always want me to help them with their clothes. Why would I want to take your training course or get certification?

If you’re serious about an image consulting career, you want to make sure you really do know all you need to know to benefit your clients and to succeed long term. You may have a good eye for color, but what about style lines and shape, fabric and texture, and pattern as they relate to a persons values, personality, body build, and personal coloring, lifestyle and personal style, roles and goals?
You may have read a lot of books on fashion and image, but were they the best books, including peer-reviewed textbooks? Many trade books and self-published books contradict one another. How do you know what works, what doesn’t, and why? You need proven, reliable client materials, forms, and tools—and you don’t want to start from scratch.

With Conselle’s Educational-Training in Image Management, you’ll jumpstart your career, walking away with everything you need to succeed in the image business. With Certification, you’ll earn credibility with potential clients. You’ll have a continuing support system through Conselle affiliation. Conselle is prepared to become your partner in success.

What should I look for when deciding where to study image consulting?

1) Find out where and how the instructors got their own education and experience. Investigate their work history.

2) Find out how many years they worked in private practice before beginning to train others. For career education, you want lead instructors with at least ten years experience in private practice before claiming readiness to train or teach others. (Minimal programs in wardrobe styling and makeup artistry may be exceptions.)

3) Protect yourself from false advertising. Students have paid fees to supposedly accredited trainers. Only college and universities are accredited by the State. FIT image consulting courses are “not for credit.” AICI does not provide accreditation. A “Diploma” implies credit where there is none.

4) Never fall for the idea that whoever charges the highest fees must be the best. The highest fees do not guarantee a high quality education or training.

5) Find out what qualifies you to receive a “Certificate” or “Certification.” How do you earn that “Certification?” Recognize the added value in certification for competence as compared to certification for mere attendance.

What can I expect to earn as an image consultant?

What you can expect to earn as an independent image consultant depends entirely on your ability and the time and effort you are willing to put into your business—but family comes first. Image consultants raising young children may choose to limit the time they put into their business, choosing to be happy earning $10,000 to $20,000 a year, all the while increasing their knowledge, skills, experience, and exposure.
With tween and teen-age children, image consultants often increase their business hours, delighted with earnings of $20,000 to $40,000 annually. By the time they have an empty nest, they sprout wings and fly—the sky is the limit. Full-time image consultants at any age can achieve earnings of $60,000 and upwards into six figures. Image consulting is a real career that demands real work for real rewards!

How long before I can be making a good income from image consulting?

Plan on approximately three years to build up a real practice—about the same time it takes a dentist to develop a professional practice. With work, you may be where you want to be in business within one or two years, but don’t give up your current job immediately. Cut back gradually as your business grows. Some image consultants choose to maintain their employment part-time or even full-time, engaging in image consulting evenings or weekends. You have options.

Where do we stay and what about meals during the Educational-Training?

We have a great relationship with a terrific Marriott Residence Inn. Suite-style rooms are excellent including a full kitchen. We have a reduced rate, breakfast is included daily and a light supper is available, if desired, on Monday through Thursday. There is a pool, workout room, and wireless service.
We book your hotel reservation, as well as the shuttle to and from the Salt Lake City Airport. The hotel shuttle brings you to the Conselle Learning Center each morning and Conselle staff returns you to the hotel in the evening. Conselle serves luncheon week-days and hosts two special dinner meals. Several nights a week we all go to dinner together, brainstorming company names or just enjoying relaxed conversation and bonding as a support group. For more details, contact Conselle.

What should I bring with me?

Not a lot. Upon registration, you will receive specifics about what clothes to bring. Do not buy new clothes to attend the Educational-Training. And, don’t purge your closet before you come either. During the session you will learn many ways to use clothes you may not wear anymore.
Participants who have gotten rid of clothes before coming always wish they hadn’t. We can ship home the full quantity of your consultant materials, but it can be smart to bring an empty second suitcase with you (not a duffle bag) if you want to avoid shipping—this may be particularly smart for international students concerned about shipping.

How does your program connect with current fashion trends and styles?

You will learn to differentiate between fads, trends, classics, and potential classics. You will work with current publications to discover and define the latest trends. From Conselle’s extensive portfolio collection you will view and evaluate the latest fashion trends—updated seasonally. From Conselle’s half-million dollar demonstration clothing collection, you will be exposed to examples of fashion forward classics and trends from the last 60 years—updated seasonally.
You will get in-store involvement with current fashion trends, evaluating design quality, practicality, and application to real life. You will identify current fashion trends authentic to your own personal style, appropriate for your lifestyle, attractive on your body, and affordable within your income—you may even buy something trendy or fashion forward to begin your own demonstration wardrobe.

Are there additional costs or fees not included in the Educational-Training tuition?

Of course you are responsible for your travel expenses. You are responsible for bringing your own note-taking materials and post-it notes to position as instructed. The Educational-Training materials are extensive and include all the information needed to complete the course and carry out a successful business.
Conselle’s tuition represents excellent value for the money and there are no hidden costs. You will be responsible for shipping charges of your materials filebox home if you choose, postage in submitting your assignments to Conselle, and we will cover the cost of return postage within the U.S. (International students will need to allow for shipping charges of materials back to them).

Do I have to take a test or exam?

Not exactly. You will be involved in many interactive exercises that allow you to assess and advance your knowledge and understanding. Each participant will be involved in the application of principle-based concepts in discussion, workpages, and workbook exercises. Each participant will practice with tools, forms, and charts used in our Clinics. Open-book questionnaires and review quizzes accompany each book.
These many activities will serve much like ongoing tests, with ongoing opportunity for improvement. As take-home assignments, you are invited to submit all workbook exercises, review quizzes, and to complete a portfolio illustrating basic concepts taught during the session. This is a professional endeavor and clearly requires commitment. All will be evaluated and returned to you with comments regarding the accuracy and quality of your work.

Students report an “enjoyment factor” associated with completion. Completion generates Certification, a feeling of pride and achievement at having demonstrated basic knowledge, and confidence for working with future clients.

How many people succeed in their image business?

Success is like a puzzle, pieced together with your dreams and your diligence. Success depends largely on your ability to focus on your goals and drive for success. You have to have the “eye of the tiger,” to be “hungry” for success. Success depends on “Mastery before Momentum.”
As emphasized in Conselle’s e-mail brochure and on the first day of class, you must master the technical and professional development information before you break into business in a big way. You won’t make it if you get the momentum going but have nothing to offer.

“Get ready, Get set, then Go!” certainly applies to success in any business. If you start small and grow your business steadily you are more likely to succeed. Other factors can influence your success. Good health is essential. Here, the flexibility of the business becomes an obvious benefit, allowing you time to recover from illness or surgery. Family good will and support is needed. Family comes first. Strive for a balanced lifestyle and your business is more likely to thrive. If you want to talk more about this, contact Conselle and let’s talk.