The Inside Story

May 11, 2017

By Judith Rasband

The new millennium brings great expectations for rapid and continuous growth at Conselle. Many image professionals will tell you that Conselle’s programs and materials are the finest in the image industry. But at Conselle, we know it’s important to always move beyond and improve on what we offer.

That’s why we’re undertaking a rapid expansion during the next several months—and are particularly pleased to announce a new Image Management for Professionals seminar package which includes special attention to business casual issues. The accompanying Professional Style Scale® makes the program truly unique and applicable to everyone.

The changes we are making represent the first steps in our commitment to improve our programs, services, and products across the Conselle system. It is Conselle’s intention to offer programs, services, and products that are second to none in the image industry. It’s all part of what we do to make Conselle image management materials the best.

Here are just some of the unique materials we offer:

  • Comprehensive system of 12 Wardrobe Strategies, presented in sequence and including beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of information, practical for all ages, incomes, and interest levels. Seminar presentation materials accompany each strategy.
  • Complete Wardrobing Cluster Plansheets for Men and for Women for use in consulting, seminar, and workshop situations.
  • The innovative Image Management Quick Reference Guide for Men and for Women in business and leadership roles.
  • The most complete assemblage of Image Makers and Image Breakers for Men and for Women, available in a self-assessment format and for seminar presentation.
  • The expanded range of creative, educational “sorts”, interactive exercises that provide hands-on experience with image concepts and speed the learning curve.
  • The new, customized “Clinics” on eight fashion and personal image topics, each including support material with high, unequaled take-home value to clients.

The planned expansion didn’t occur overnight. This was a pivotal year in the creation of both new and newly refined materials. The results have far exceeded our expectations.

Our long term goal is to be the leading image management company which possesses, on a sole basis, all the concepts, skills, and materials necessary to empower you to succeed in the image business. This includes preparation for a full-service practice—including private, community, organization, and business clientele.

Our proprietary materials and products, our experience and expertise, position Conselle to shape our industry’s development and to profit from its enormous potential for growth in the future.

Judith Rasband

CEO, Conselle L.C.