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The Art of Dressing Well This Spring & Summer | Conselle Institute of Image Management

The Art of Dressing Well This Spring & Summer

Apr 7, 2020

There is an art to dressing well, but many people feel they don’t have the time, money, or energy to elevate what they wear every day to an art form. I understand that. Then there are those who don’t want to think about what they wear. They want dressing to be effortless—and that’s exactly what it looks like. People ask me, “What are they thinking?” “They’re not,” I have to say. Either they put no thought into what they wear and how they wear it, or they buy into what others tell them they should or shouldn’t wear without thinking for themselves.

It’s Spring! Let’s Dress Like It.

Spring fashion reports are coming out. I really don’t need to write a trend list for you anymore. You can simply look up seasonal fashion trends online. What I need to do is get you thinking. Analyze the images that come up in your search. For example, today I saw this great jersey print dress online, paired with black, high-top gladiator heels. And although they made a “statement”, they completely contradict the mood and feeling designed into the dress. After a moment of thought, I knew that white sandals would be a better choice for a spring or summer day.

Think Before You Dress

Truth be known, seasonal trends have earned themselves a negative reputation for being extreme and “being trendy” is seldom a compliment. Here’s one trend I won’t support, it’s called “inverse shirt buttoning. Rather than leaving the top few buttons undone, invert the process. Button up the top few, and leave the rest to float open wide.” Think about it. That’s going to be really pretty on those who have a muffin top or a beer belly. And there’s nothing a pedophile likes more than easy access to an exposed torso. The trend report says, “It’s so simple it sounds almost crazy, but the simplicity of it is also its genius.” It’s one-liners like that, that make me feel foolish to be associated with the fashion industry.

I fully recognize that fashion can be fun. It is fun to wear something new and different, something delightful to the senses, to see and to touch. I also know that a fully-functional wardrobe pulls way back from what we see strolling down the runways during fashion week. Nonetheless, dressing well is also a creative art form that demands basic and classic garments you can depend on, dress up and down, mix and modify as appropriate for the occasion, authentic to your personal style, attractive on your body, and affordable. Be open to a few creative new additions each season that will enhance your existing wardrobe and allow you to appear in touch with the times. The following are a few upcoming trends to choose from that add a little fun and appear to have staying power.

  • Stronger pastels (not pale) offer attractive options for men and women, having enough color in them to repeat and contrast in harmony with personal coloring. These colors brighten core basics in navy and khaki tan for year-round wear. Red, cobalt blue, and purple are showing up in many collections, colors virtually everybody can wear attractively. Gals, add a little blush and mascara to enliven your coloring. Butter yellow and navy blue are also being offered.


  • Patterns are shown in every brand. Choose from stylized florals and paisleys, geometric plaids, checks, and polka dots as well as creative graphic prints. Find a favorite pattern and build a Spring-Summer cluster of clothes around the color scheme.


  • Stripes in specific for guys and gals, be they with vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. I’ve been wearing some all winter and I plan to continue Spring into Summer. My favorite is the slimming, V-shaped chevron stripes. Coordinate solid and striped pieces that are already in catalogs and stores are not far behind.


  • Lace, in medium weights, is used in women’s wear of all sorts. It may even be used on only a part of the garment, such as the sleeves on a jacket. For an opaque appearance, the lace is often lined.


  • Peplums, those little flared appendages positioned at the top of a skirt or the bottom of a woman’s jacket, are still getting a lot of attention. They’ll make a fashion statement for a couple of years. Generally somewhat dressy, paired with distressed deconstructed jeans the look is confusing because of mixed messages.


  • A-shape and flared skirts, long below the calf. They’re easy to fit, comfortable and cool for the coming months ahead. Select solid colors and patterns that coordinate with tops already in your closet.


  • Shirtdresses are terrific choices for working women and for travel. Designed much like a man’s sport shirt attached to a skirt, the collar lifts attention up to your face and frames your face. You’ll look sharp! Choose one to match your eyes and contrast with your hair color. You’ll look fantastic and attention will be riveted on your face!


  • Relaxed suits, not slouchy, are showing up for men and women. Even young people are beginning to buy into them. I say “relaxed,” meaning the fabric is lighter weight and a bit softer. Roll up the sleeves to ¾ length for summer wear. Choose a medium to darker color to remain looking clean longer.


  • Flats in a huge variety of styles and colors guarantee your summer in comfort–if you choose wisely. If stores don’t have the color you want, catalogs do.

Once the clothes are in our closets and with a positive mindset, we can all be well-dressed at all times. Want to know more? It’s an option. Order Art In Everyday Dress Wardrobe Strategy #2 with practical image information on the art elements and principles of design in dress as applied to your lifestyle and personal style.