Judith Rasband’s

Conselle Institute of Image Management

Inspiring Image Education

Business Program Participants
Ryan Bailey

@Chicago, IL

“She’s a rare blend…the most knowledgeable in the field, yet totally down to earth…accurate, sensitive, practical, creative, all at the same time.”
Jeanne Manley

@Rockford, IL

“Judith does a first class presentation with just the right amount of humor to make the day fun as well as a valuable learning experience……”
Vince Rua

@Albany, NY

“Judith is a powerful speaker. I am confident she will captivate her audience.”
Glen Rolly

@Greeley, CO

“Your seminar on professional presence and image was exactly what we needed–a realistic approach to our appearance problems. We can already see improvement in our agents and continue to hear positive feedback about the time spent……”
Robert Shirley

@Chicago, IL

“Our managers reported nothing but praise for your program. We didn’t know you could give us so much in one session. The materials were more than we expected. The visuals and the exercises reinforced everything you taught. We’ll recommend this program be implemented throughout the company.”
Certification Program Participants
Rachel Dee


“Outstanding! Well worth the investment. Judith is a truly inspiring educator—in her passion, knowledge, determination and the scope of materials given. Extraordinary area & great hospitality.”

“All went brilliantly today with the Women’s Leadership Institute. Used the ‘Style Scale’ and they loved it! Got great feedback – Next is the TeleTech Corporation…I feel confident and will be ready!!”

Heidi Cochran

@Provo, UT

“I’ve always been fairly good at working with clothes, but the scope of what 1 started to learn today was amazing.”
Dalia Berman

@Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I researched every training program. I called everyone. I chose yours. It gives me everything. Even [your competition] says you give more than they do. That’s exactly what I wanted.”
Ann Johnson

@Orem, UT

“Your ability to present a large quantity of information in an appealing and interesting manner is impressive. Your knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and graciousness are inspiring and appreciated in a challenging opportunity…….”
University Program Participants
Daniel Hawthorne

@San Diego, CA

“This ‘Style Scale’ thing, it makes a lot of sense. I can really see the how it relates to my own life. The whole presentation made sense. I even see fashion in a whole new way now. I think maybe I can use it to my advantage now.”

Judy Metzler

@Pittsburgh, PA

“I enjoyed very much, the whole presentation and the difference it made on my own personal outlook.”
Barbara Luke

@Provo, UT

“Before the presentation began, I looked at the props and thought, ‘Oh no, not another Find Your Colors and Make Yourself Pretty lecture!’ But it quickly became clear that you were different! This was really down to earth, useful new information! I had a ball and can hardly wait to put my new knowledge to work!”
Cynthia Skari

@Denver, CO

“Judith has created unparalleled educational materials and a wide range of seminars relating to image awareness and image improvement. Her expertise and range are extraordinary.”
Don Melville

@Seattle, WA

“I was afraid I couldn’t afford the cost of professional looking clothes. You showed me how it’s possible. Thank you for caring.”
Community Program Participants
Carol C. Clark

@Columbia, SC

“At last, a concept about wardrobing that makes sense! When are you coming back? I want more!”
Barbara Johnson


“Words cannot express my appreciation to you! Everywhere I go women tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation and how much they learned. You were such fun and full of life. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.”

Helen Simpson

@Portland OR

“I heard so many rave reviews of your seminar, I had to come for myself. And I wasn’t disappointed! Your program rates ‘Best of Show’!”
Joan Brook

@Shinglehouse, PA

“My friend and I attended your workshop. This was the best class I’ve ever attended. The knowledge you imparted to us all was remarkable. Your good cheer and patience made our class very easy to enjoy.”
Lexie von Yeast

@St. Louis, MO

“Yours was the most fabulous class I’ve ever taken–and I’m a graduate in the fashion field.”
Fabulous Fit and Fashion Participants
Carol C. Clark

@Columbia, SC

“I was so enthralled with the approach that you bring to the class-no-nonsense, with confidence and knowledge to back it up. The words just don’t even come—the impression, the gift that you give.”
Barbara Johnson


“What energy! Marvelous speaker—effective and easy to listen to.”
Helen Simpson

@Portland OR

“She’s the best teacher we’ve had and we’ve been here for two days. We just went and signed up for all her other classes.”
Joan Brook

@Shinglehouse, PA

“I love your concepts and methods. I bought your books 18 months ago. As a professional dressmaker and fashion consultant, I feel my income has doubled.”
Jean Pattison

@Venetia, PA

“One of the reasons I quit sewing, nothing I would alter ever fit or looked right. This seam method of pattern adjustment makes more sense to me than anything I have ever heard or seen in the past.”
Ariel Tattersan

@Richmond, VA

“I’ve been to many programs, this was the most informative I’ve ever been to! Fun too!”