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Conselle Institute Testimonials and Reviews - Certification Program Participants and Peers


Favorite Quotes From Certification Program Participants and Peers
Rachel Dee


“All went brilliantly today with the Women’s Leadership Institute. Used the ‘Style Scale’ and they loved it! Got great feedback – Next is the TeleTech Corporation…I feel confident and will be ready!!”
Heidi Cochran

@Provo, UT

“I’ve always been fairly good at working with clothes, but the scope of what I started to learn today was amazing.”
Pat Newquist

@Tempe, AR

“It has been a long time since anyone has lit a fire in me to get up and start moving again to promote seminars. Thank you.”
Debra Lindquist

@Denver, CO

“WHAT A CLASS!!!! Everyone felt so good about attending the corporate seminar training. You offer information that is beyond any expectation.”
Suzie Wilson

@Houston, TX

“This is one of the most thorough programs I have ever attended! Nothing was left to the imagination—the notebook, the handouts, the file with all it’s information. The sort activity is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. The Style Scale™ is brilliant and so easy to market. You are such a resource. A wonderful step-by-step presentation—the best! The seminar is worth more than I paid.”
Donna Cognac, AICI

@Boston, MA

“Thank you for sending the Style Scale and color “Let’s Get Back to Business” flyers. They are beautiful, current and very professional. You have made dressing right for business easy for anyone to understand. I will refer all inquiries I get for business presentations to you and your web site and tell them it is worth every penny to fly you to the east coast. You have set a standard of professionalism that makes you the perfect role model for our industry. Thank you for that.”
Dalia Berman

@Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I researched every training program. I called everyone. I chose yours. It gives me everything. Even [your competition] says you give more than they do. That’s exactly what I wanted.”
Rebecca Talbot

@Portland, OR

“Judith is a master of her subject. She has done her homework and her research is thorough. The concepts and theories she teaches have been tested and proven to work. This is an excellent course for the person who wants to understand ‘why’ they do a certain thing, as well as ‘how’ to do it……”
Ann Johnson

@Orem, UT

“Your ability to present a large quantity of information in an appealing and interesting manner is impressive. Your knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm, energy and graciousness are inspiring and appreciated in a challenging opportunity…….”
Mary Jane Barnes, AICI

@Suffolk, VA

“By striving for self-excellence, she set into motion within our organization, the never ending demands required for quality training and professional behavior.”
Victoria Jordan

@Chicago, IL

“You are a phenomenal educator. I have developed a higher respect for this business because of you.”
Cynthia Skari, Color Quest

@Denver, CO

“She has created unparalleled education materials and a wide range of seminars relating to image awareness and image improvement. Her expertise and range are extraordinary.”
Marian L. Davis, Professor & Author

@Tampa, FL

“She has provided a true service in helping to expose and correct much of the misinformation and incorrect ‘gimmicks’ about appearance promoted in recent years, and does so without being negatively critical or substituting other gimmicks. She has a ‘touch’ that shows genuine interest in the well-being of the user……”
Pam Cignarella

@Boston, MA

“I am not new to the image industry. I am very proud of all my achievements so far. I enrolled because I needed the technical answers. I am creative and productive, but I still lacked those ‘whys’. I came to polish and strengthen myself in all areas of image and to fine tune my vocabulary. I got everything I needed, and then some. I can’t get over how well organized your whole educational training is.

My experience at the Conselle Institute will be something I’ll always treasure and remember as one of the most valuable, comprehensive and intense programs I have ever undertaken. Judith, you opened your home, your heart, and your mind sharing your love and passion on every aspect of the image industry. You leave nothing out! Because you care about the end result, I received the ultimate! It was invaluable and the best gift and investment I could ever give myself and my future.”

Ginger Barnes

@Virginia Beach, VA

“I have just finished reading your book Wardrobe Strategies for Women. I want to tell you that I found your book to be one of the most informative books I have ever read. I have taken several courses in image consulting, yet I found the information in your book helped me to comprehend the “why’s” and “how’s” of image. I am interested in knowing if you offer any additional training for image consulting. I have a great passion for this field and after several years, I am frustrated with how and where to begin to make this a successful and profitable business. Would you offer any insight? I look forward to your response.”
Holly Hedlund

@Chicago, IL

“The woman has incredible knowledge. Her information is unique and makes sense. She is a great presenter. The program opened my eyes and awareness to new ways to educate.”
Marian Gellatly

@Pebble Beach, CA

“The material was complete ‘to the max,’ professionally presented & that I could be proud of attaching my name to.”
Rachel Dee

@Boulder, CO

“Outstanding! Well worth the investment. Judith is a truly inspiring educator—in her passion, knowledge, determination and the scope of materials given. Extraordinary area & great hospitality.”
Bev Dwane

@Durham, NC

“AICI Convention certainly confirmed that I made the wise choice. An excellent, comprehensive overview of the image industry, with complete academic background knowledge! Be prepared to be exposed to truthful and time-trusted theories behind all that we do. The portfolios inspire us to the same excellence. Consider this your jump-start to learning—you have a gold mine handed to you in one file box!”
Francesca Tedesco

@New York City, NY

“This program should be the standard training for every person calling themselves an image consultant. The course was even more than I expected—this is complete! The material is exceptional. It prepares you & sets you up for a successful business.”
Marie Olson

@St. George, UT

“This is the most concise and painstakingly accurate course I have had the good fortune to attend. I have read many books and articles, attended seminars, and searched for the answers to many [image] questions. The Conselle Institute is complete, giving me the ‘whys’ I have been searching for all this time. It was presented in a way for all to understand AND APPLY with confidence and simplicity. It reaffirms my convictions of what a true professional is: One who exemplifies all principles, embraces truth, and does not find it demeaning to share those truths with others. I found freedom from deceit and falseness in this course and am empowered by its simplicity. Great fun to see the ‘Master’ in action in a real situation. I am completely delighted.”
Mary Ellen Shuman

@Nazareth, NJ

“The materials I received are fabulous. There is a world of potential with materials like these. ”
Hsuch Lee

@Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I really appreciate the information, materials, and guidance provided for the Corporate Seminar. I feel like I’m being walked through the whole process. This gives me the confidence that I can do it all on my own.”
Shannon Bradshaw

@Petersburg, VA

“You opened my mind to all the hopes and dreams I have always had in this field. ”
Elisa Dvorak

@Chicago, IL

“Your logical and organized manner is what I was looking for. I can tell I made the right decision.”
Bertha Escarzaga

@Chihuahua, Mexico

“Loved everything! I am surprisingly amazed by the material and experience Judith has, and mainly the way she teaches—giving a clear understanding of the issues. We all participated actively.”
Judy Lomis

@Colorado Springs, CO

“I was blown away by the number of articles supplied for us to use and all the program materials! I learned more about color than I ever knew even existed. Watching Judith’s delivery of the Corporate Seminar was so enlightening. I started feeling like an Image Management Specialist and left knowing I could do this. How could I not—Judith has it written down for us step by step.”
Ellen Adams

@New York City, NY

“Nuts and bolts information about the new corporate seminar……. The nitty-gritty outlines, how tos, and materials on the cutting edge!”
Mary Jane Birdsong

@Suffolk, VA

“I feel completely satisfied with materials, format, and information. I am amazed that with so much information in such a compact time, I am relaxed and not crazed. This is a complement to the trainer and to her materials—such a perfection of materials!”