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Image Consultant Services | Personal Styling and Image Management

Our Services


Conselle is your full-service self-presentation and image management company with expert solutions for your image needs. Using the elements of image—dress, grooming, and body language—as personal resources, we have all the pieces of the self-presentation puzzle. We’re here to share our knowledge in our in-depth programs that advance the way you look, feel, and interact with the world around you.

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Seminars & Breakdown Training

With numerous professional and personal image management seminars, Conselle enables clients of all ages and professional backgrounds to expand their image strategies. Our seminars provide an opportunity to gain an effective understanding of personal appearance, self-presentation, and social skills.

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Image Consulting Clinics

Conselle offers nine image management clinics that deal with a comprehensive range of image needs and strategies. Each clinic is the result of extensive market research, development, and consumer feedback. Through years of refinement, our clinics artfully aid you to enhance your personal image, giving you the confidence and credibility to be perceived the way you need or want.

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Whether you’re attending a retreat to positively impact your image or makeover your wardrobe completely, Conselle invites you to empower yourself amongst mentors and peers. Come away from a Conselle Retreat with greater recognition and understanding of your personal style needs and preferences. With the help of Conselle, you’ll find your way back to a more authentic and enthusiastic you through the language of clothing.

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Guest Speaking

Judith Rasband, International Image Expert has dedicated her life to providing essential image education to clients worldwide. Through her innovative image strategies, visual branding methods, and presentation tactics, Judith engages an audience like no other. As a keynote and breakout speaker with decades of experience, Judith will guide a group through the educational framework of personal and professional image management.

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