Training & Seminars


Conselle offers numerous professional and personal image management seminars where clients of all ages and professional backgrounds are given the image strategies to better represent themselves within the diverse roles of their lives. Whether that be a personal role within the home and community or a professional image within the workplace; the goal of Conselle is to assist every client to become the person they not only want, but need to be. Gaining an effective understanding of personal appearance, self-presentation, and social skills, each seminar leaves you with the confidence and credibility to be seen and perceived the way you wish.

Corporate & Business

Employees and staff members are the most valuable resource for any company. Help your staff stand-out in the best way through an enhanced professional image and self-presentation skills, increasing their confidence through the Conselle Corporate, Agency, & Organization Seminar. Improve your company’s overall performance and empowering by correcting your professional image as a team.

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University & School

Whether you’re a graduating student, currently attending university, or working toward a post-graduate degree, give yourself a visual edge through Conselle’s University & School Programs. Need to ace a job interview, nab your dream internship, or just need to further your preparation for life after graduation? Through these seminars, Conselle helps you improve your professional and personal image, getting you ahead of the curve. Leave a positive impact and a lasting impression through highly coveted self-presentation skills.

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Community & Church

Are you struggling to be adequately effective in your daily life, as a part of your community, or in your home? Experience Conselle seminars meant to encourage you to represent yourself with greater confidence and credibility. Feel the undeniable benefits of an improved image and self-presentation skills, finding your way to a more authentic and enthusiastic version of you.

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