Program Topics

Community & Church

General Self-Presentation

The Power of Personal Appearance: Three universal effects of personal appearance are the focus of this program. Learn how to get control of this powerful influence and make it work for you.

Image Impact/Image Integrity: A definitive discussion of these important concepts, with related examples. Find out if you have image integrity and what to do if you don’t.

Public Persuaders: Messages in Personal Appearance: Participants learn the characteristics of dress, grooming and body language—three vital forms of non-verbal communication—that predictably elicit positive or negative response from other people. Learn what your image says about you.

Feeling Good About Me or Looking Glass Self: Thought provoking discussion about the sources of body image. Learn the connection between self concept and self esteem. Leave with increased feelings of self acceptance and appreciation.

Pardon Me, But Your Values Are Showing: Focus on details of dress and grooming—on the values they symbolize and communicate to others. Is your image in harmony with your values?

Art Elements and Principles of Self-Presentation

The Art of the Matter or The Artist Is You: An overview of the elements and principles of design, filled with proven ways to create a harmonious appearance. Answers the questions of how to combine colors, fabrics, patterns, and styles.

Fantastic Silhouette: A “revealing” examination of general figure types and variations, clothing styles to flatter the figure and the keys to a fabulous fit. Never mind how perfect the color or how creative the style. If it doesn’t fit it doesn’t work.

Dress Slim: The Favorite Fashion Strategy for Every Body!: Look pounds thinner as you camouflage and counter in comfort and style³whatever your size. Find out which body measurement leads you to the correct size. See styles that fit and flatter even when your weight fluctuates.

Color Sense: A fascinating look at the psychological and physical aspects of color, followed by a creative approach to personal color selections and coordination. There’s more to color than meets the eye.

From Fiber To Fabric: The Topic is Texture: Fibers and fabrics are looked at in terms of clothing selection and performance. Answers the question of how to combine textures.

Pattern for Pattern: Learn to recognize the characteristics of a fabric pattern, judge the quality, and select for the person and purpose. Answers the question of how to combine fabric patterns.

Wardrobing & Self-Presentation

Closet Commentary & Wardrobe Evaluation: Step-by-step evaluation of what’s in your closet. Find out what works, what doesn’t and why. Learn how to “greenbag” your closet, then organize what works.

Wardrobe Strategies for Lifestyles 2000: Proven strategies for effective wardrobe planing and coordination are presented in this fast-paced, highly visual program. It all becomes clear with this one.

LookChangers: 101 ways to change the look of an outfit according to your mood, your objective, the occasion or the weather. Ideas galore.

Fashion Forecast: In this program you get update information on current and coming fashion trends. Program includes tips on how to read the fashion pages. Decide what to adopt, adapt or avoid. It’s a twice annual event.

“I’d Love To Go, But What’ll I Wear?”: Special clothes for special occasions—casual to best dress. Gives you the confidence you need to go and enjoy.

The Finishing Touch: An exciting presentation on accessories to enhance and complete your image. It’s non-stop ideas.

Travel with Style and Ease or the Right Stuff: Strategies for putting together an exciting, attractive, efficient travel wardrobe. Travel can be a pain unless you know these points.

Personal Style: What Is It, Who Has It, How You Can Have It Too: An intriguing presentation on image poles and personal image types, with crossover techniques used to achieve personal style. It makes an incredible seminar.

Shopping Strategies or Chic on a Shoestring: Shopping techniques and skills to save you time, energy and money. Especially for those who hate to shop.


Save Your Money, Save Your Face: A fascinating, no-nonsense approach to skin care for skin type. Learn to recognize myth-information about skin care products.

Make Up, Make Down, Make Over: Makeup procedures to enhance a natural looking appearance. Learn how to avoid making any of the ten most common makeup mistakes.

Self-Presentation and Special Interest

Maternity Matters: Clothing selection and grooming tips for each trimester How to look terrific while pregnant.

Kids Are People Too or Kids ‘n Clothes: Wardrobe planning, selection and coordination for infants and elementary age children. This information makes mom’s job easier.

TeenStyle: Wardrobe planning, selection and coordination for teens, with hints on how to prepare for an exciting future. Take some of the problems out of the problem years.

Especially for Single Adults: Image and wardrobe guidelines for single adults with an active lifestyle. Program includes professional image.

Especially for Petites or Short Chic — For Women 5’4″ and Under: A confidence building program packed with image concepts that increase shorter women’s options and ability to achieve an attractive appearance. They’ll love it.

Especially for “Big Beautiful Women”: Another confidence building program packed with image concepts that increase large women’s options and ability to achieve an attractive appearance. They don’t believe until they see it.

Prime Time Image or Getting Older, Getting Better: Clothing and grooming techniques and skills that allow men and women to grow older gracefully, attractively, comfortably and fashionably. You’ll love this if you’re over the hill and still climbing.

Self-Help Clothing for People with Special Needs: Fashion therapy for the elderly, the physically or mentally handicapped. Resource organizations are tapped.

Heaven’s Very Special Child: A very special program on how to meet the special dress and grooming needs of mentally ill or impaired children.

The Look of Leadership: Dress, grooming and body language to enhance leadership ability—in the school, church, community or workplace. Dress-for-success strategies are not limited to the executive office.

Pass the Salt and Pepper, Please: A program of precise information on etiquette that includes approved conduct for today’s social and business environment. Program can be tailored for teens.