Topics Guide


“The Topics Guide is essentially a crash course in image management, used for preview or review,” says Rebecca Ledger, University of Washington.

“The Topics Guide is the special vocabulary or language used in fashion fields and image consulting,” adds Susan Alexander, public relations guru.

Image is a very complex field of study and application. To keep everything straight in our mind, we must separate or compartmentalize information in some orderly and meaningful way. The Topics Guide does exactly that. It takes the subject of appearance, breaks it apart, and puts it all back together again, in outline form.

With the image words we need to know in an outline, arranged in scope and sequence, we can see how all the words or topics relate to one another. Topics are separated into three main groups. Part I is TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE, Part II is PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, and Part III is BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. These topics have been adopted as core competencies by the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI.

The topic words used in the Guide are those considered standard terms, or most universally accepted in academic accuracy and frequency of use in both art and science. It is recommended that you acquire an updated Topics Guide approximately every three years as new words are added or sections are expanded.