Special: All 12 Wardrobe Strategy Breakout Books


Receive all 12 breakout books at a 20% discount over individual price.

Content originating in Wardrobe Strategies for Women 1st Edition Fairchild/Bloomsbury Publications, greatly expanded to include wardrobing for women and men—teaching you what works, what doesn’t, and WHY! With each strategy you’ll discover and develop your own personal style, increase your knowledge about clothing, your confidence, versatility, and value in dress and image. Each book, #1 through #12, builds on the previous book, including examples, reality checks, charts, and tables. Take command of your closet as you simplify your life. Interactive exercises are included to encourage personal application of concepts, strategies, and systems. Get the foundation and framework you need to apply your new knowledge. Discover that it’s not only what you wear, but HOW you wear it! For more content information, read descriptions below.