Fitting and Pattern Alteration


Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach to the Art of Style Selection, Fitting, and Alteration By Elizabeth Liechty, Della Pottberg, and Judith Rasband (Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc.) The classic, “the bible,” the industry standard in visual design, style selection, fitting, and alteration—by which you can judge all other fitting and alteration books. You’ll learn unique methods for evaluating the figure and style selection to balance and enhance the figure. You’ll use a new approach for measuring the figure and the pattern. You’ll learn fitting by the amazing new measurement method and sequence, comparing the pinned pattern and basic trial fitting garment methods. You’ll think you hit the jackpot using the innovative new hinged seam method of pattern alteration, comparing it to the pivot method and corrected slash methods. You’ll see solutions for 88 figure variations, yet simplifying the process for multiple variations. You’ll appreciate the thousands of outstanding illustrations, rendered to scale. Photographs throughout, including how to make your personal sloper to check the fit on fashion patterns. Awesome for everybody, absolutely essential for professionals in the field.
By Judith Rasband and Elizabeth Liechty 3rd Edition Bloomsbury Publishing