3 Classic Wardrobing DVDs


$47.97 for the set of 3

If you want classic concepts and clothes that beat the test of time, you’ll love these 5-Star Award-Winning programs as picked by Blockbuster, beating out all celebrity entries. Join Judi in her heyday, just out of chemo and back into clothes that lift her spirits and put her back into service. Meet some of her friends with needs much like your own. Fire your own imagination as you get ideas and make plans to get the results you want for yourself. Have fun with fashion.

“Has anyone told you lately that you’re a genius?! Wow! You have changed my life! Thanks to you I have made fabulous combinations that previously I never would have considered wearing together, and they work!” Mary, Arizona


What’s the most versatile and economical outfit there is? A matching shirt and skirt. What can you do with it? Judi shows you more than 101 great looks—good looks you can adopt or adapt in your own wardrobe, looks for all the moods and occasions in your life. Wardrobe ideas galore! A refreshing, friendly, and practical approach to everyday clothing needs. Non-stop helpful, how-to tips.

5 EASY PIECES Part One: A Wardrobe Strategy 70 Minutes

A fascinating, lifestyle approach to wardrobing that works for women of all ages. Get Cluster Guidelines for variety and creativity. Learn a liberating color concept that works for every body. With just the right combination of professionalism and pizzazz, Judi shows you how to bring the styles, colors, fabrics, accessories, and makeup together in ways that will inspire you to play dressup with the clothes in your own closet. Make plans to add on and update your wardrobe in the privacy of your home. You’ll learn how to get more great-looking outfits with fewer clothes.

5 EASY PIECES Part Two: The Strategy In Action 70 Minutes

Increase your fashion savvy. Learn the characteristics and criteria for selecting high quality patterns—prints, stripes, and plaids. Start a Personal Style File. Learn how to look right for every occasion—at home, in school, church, or the community, as well as in the workplace. In this special program, Judi shares with you how she personally coped with the reality of breast cancer and chemotherapy. A short and tastefully done segment demonstrates how to utilize scarves as head wraps for both a fashion statement and as a necessity when dealing with hair loss. Share these solutions with anyone you know who needs to know.