12-Part Wardrobe Strategies DVD Set for Educators (6 DVDs)


12-Part Wardrobe Strategies DVD Set for Educators (6 DVDs): Home School, Middle School, High School, and College/University level educators will want to get this affordable set of videos to correlate with their curriculum. Use these videos as visuals to preview or review beginning level information, the wardrobe strategy itself. Viewers are invited to participate in the first interactive exercise. A cluster case example follows. Cluster case examples include women in various stages of life—teens through seniors—selected from 5 Easy Pieces consumer videos. Introduce and relate case examples to members of a typical family selecting classic clothes to meet their needs. Videos serve new educators as a tutorial in correct usage of wardrobe management terminology, concepts and demonstration. Part One: Clothes Power Part Two: Art In Everyday Dress Part Three: Wardrobe Basics Part Four: Wardrobe Classics Part Five: Wardrobe Neutral Colors Part Six: All-Season Fabrics Part Seven: Classic Patterns—Prints, Stripes, and Plaids Part Eight: Personal Style in Tailored and Untailored Clothes Part Nine: Cluster Your Clothes Part Ten: Wardrobe Evaluation Part Eleven: Closet Organization and Clothing Care Part Twelve: Smart Shopping