Power Up Your Personal Brand

Aug 6, 2019

With the Conselle Institute of Image Management

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Conselle is the global leader in full-service image education, clinics, and consulting, founded by Judith Rasband AICI CIM, Executive Director. We enable our clients to carry out their personal or corporate image transformation through image management and enhanced social behavior.

With five decades of experience in managing the elements of image—dress, grooming, and body language—we expertly guide our clients through their personal branding journey. We do it by enabling the individual or the organization to transition through an engaging learning experience with hands-on activities, demonstration, application, and implementation. We empower the Individual or organization with concepts, strategies, and materials or tools that deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.

At Conselle, we believe in the equality and individuality of everyone, worldwide. Perhaps the most important way that we are equal is that we are all exceptional human beings in our own unique ways, relative to our culture and environment [cultural environment] Through self-presentation and personal branding, we use clothing to communicate and celebrate this aspect of our equality.

Judith is relentless about the continual need for learning, leadership, and application or experimentation. She keeps innovating until she arrives at a satisfying degree of success. Entrepreneurship and innovation are ultimately a game of persistence and taking calculated risks. The Silicon Valley model pushes “think global, act local.” Due to the international nature of our business, we are tuned in to global relevance, adjustment, and application.

Humankind has long known that knowledge is power. Historically our tendency has been to hold, to protect, even hoard our knowledge as a way of giving ourselves the advantage. We have certainly done that for years. Currently we are openly sharing what we know and what we have to offer—the concepts, strategies, and tools we have created over the years, our purpose being to contribute to the collective success of others, and to overcome our social descent into loneliness, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

One of those tools is Conselle’s Universal Style Scale®, presented in a unique and detailed playbook packed with related lessons and tips for everyday life. The Universal Style Scale® gives you options, flexibility applied according to the location, vocation, and occasion.

· Flexibility is going to the edge of your comfort zone without pushing yourself over the edge.

· Flexibility is knowing that compromise makes everyone a winner.

· Flexibility is being open to change, allowing the change to be a little or a lot.

· Flexibility is bending without breaking, whatever life brings your way.

The future will favor companies that embrace a flexible image management model well suited to the times. The Conselle Universal Style Scale® is that model, well suited to the current time. We plan to develop and amplify role models of success, people who DressUp to Power Up and step up to serve. Our unique playbook for empowering globally impactful companies is key to individual and corporate success. It’s exciting to be on top of this potential.