Conselle Image Consulting Services

Conselle currently offers nine image management Clinics dealing with a wide range of image needs and problems. The concept of fashion and image “clinics” is a natural expansion of our consulting work. All of these innovative clinics are the result of extensive market research, development, testing, consumer feedback, working out the bugs, refining the procedure and communication. Clinics may be booked singly or as a Package Plan with Bonus. Ask about your options.

image lifestyle


1-2 Hours

  • The Power of Personal Appearance
  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Goals Assessment
  • Life Cycle Clothing Needs
  • Personal/Professional Style Scale®
  • Professional Image Types & Guide
  • Image Communication Map: Summary
  • Tomorrow Exercise
  • Low Down on Dressing Down
  • News Report: America’s Going
  • Down the Tube in a T-shirt
  • Personal Shopping Options
wardrobe evaluation services

Wardrobe Evaluation & Styling Clinic

2-4 Hours (1 Closet)

  • 12 Wardrobe Strategies
  • Wardrobe Evaluation (Occasion, Elements, Garment Type, Accessories)
  • Cluster Your Clothes
  • Going Beyond Plain and Ordinary
  • Guidelines for a Fablulous Fit
  • Related Articles
  • Selected Cluster Plansheets
  • Shopping List
  • Closet Reorganization
  • Personal Shopping Options
cluster planning

Cluster Planning Clinic for Special Occasions

1 Hour

  • Cluster Your Clothes
  • Cluster Plansheets
  • Coordinated Outfits Plansheets
  • Shopping List
  • Personalized Cluster Plans
  • Love Plus Logic
  • Travel Packing
  • Personal Shopping Options
fabulous fit

Fabulous Fit
& Fashion Clinic

1-2 Hours

  • Fabulous Fit Tip Sheet
  • Personal Figure/Body Evaluation
  • “Quick Fit” & “Smart Fit” Style Solutions
  • Fit Tip Guide Sheet
  • Dressing With Style & Ease
  • Differing Degrees of Fit
  • Guidelines for a Fabulous Fit
  • “Dress Slim” Style Solutions
  • Personal Shopping Options
color sense clinic


2-4 Hours

  • Importance and Benefits of Color
  • Wardrobe Neutrals & Accent Colors
  • Personal Color Perception
  • Color Wheel
  • Personal Color Preference
  • Personal Color Evaluation
  • Personal Color Selection
  • Color Schemes
  • Fashion Color Names
  • Psycho-Physical Effects of Color
  • Personal Shopping Options