The Image Advantage™ Seminar

Self-Presentation Skills Strengthen Recruitment Interviews

The Problem

Students today have gone through their school years wearing jeans and T-shirts. Most haven’t got a clue how inadequate and sloppy they look in this uniform dress.

Without experience with different styles of dress in their youth, they are totally unknowing about personal style and what goes with what. In self-defense, they often have an “attitude” regarding professional dress. They are known to push “business casual” codes to the limit.

Communication Is Key To Success

The Image Advantage™ seminar starts out by building a common-sense base for effective non-verbal communication through dress and image–as it reduces and removes resistance to a professional appearance.

Students learn you can’t connect with co-workers and clients or customers unless you can effectively communicate with them through appearance. They gain a new respect for the art and science of dressing for their roles and goals through the Image Advantage™ seminar.

A High-Return Investment

The Image Advantage™ seminar teaches students the latest, most effective, and comprehensive image concepts available in the business world–dressing from the inside out. The principle-based concepts, skills, and strategies taught in the Image Advantage™ seminar are designed to simplify image issues and eliminate all negative image cues most people will otherwise overlook. With the Image Advantage, students will get immediate and long lasting results.

Tools To Tackle Image Advantage

Attendees receive the following image resources.

  • An illustrated seminar guidebook with interactive hands-on exercises.
  • The award-winning Conselle Personal/Professional Style Scale®.
  • The Conselle 250 point Professional Image Profile™.
  • Conselle’s Image Management Quick Reference Guide™ and much more.

Create A More Positive Image

Conselle offers Image Advantage™ programming nationwide–empowering, educating, and entertaining. A dynamic, experienced Conselle associate will lead your Image Advantage seminar. Ask about our flexible time frames.

student body image

Dress With Impact and Integrity

This innovative Image Advantage™ seminar teaches students to use clothing as a resource, with proven tools and strategies to dress for appropriate impact in all situations. Students will learn how to:

  • Determine appropriate interview attire, regardless of a dress formal or casual code.
  • Create a positive first and lasting impression.
  • Use a process that breaks the confusing, often overwhelming task of wardrobing into manageable pieces.
  • Create an authentic and affordable beginning wardrobe with a logical range of clothing styles appropriate for lifestyle and personal style.
  • Increase confidence, credibility, and productivity, while outclassing the competition.