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Guest Speaking | International Image Expert Judith Rasband

Guest Speaking

Judith Rasband

Primary Event Speaker

International Image Expert, Judith Rasband, is dedicated to providing essential image education for her clients—government, association, corporate, and private clients. Through her innovative visual branding and image management concepts, strategies, systems, and presentation tactics, Judith is able to engage with her audience in ways that creates both foundation and frameworks for learning and application. Audiences are awestruck by her meaningful transformations right before their eyes.

As a keynote and breakout session speaker, Judith will guide your group through the impact and process of personal and professional image management. Audiences are amazed by their increase in awareness and understanding regarding the influence of appearance and image on the physical, psychological, social, and aesthetic aspects of their own lives. Judith opens an entirely new avenue of communication to participants.

Decades of Experience

Judith has amassed unparalleled experience as a university educator, author, columnist, consultant, coach, stylist, make-up artist, model, wife and mother preparing her to see self-presentation, fashion, and business from all points of view. She walks a tight rope; daring yet willing to uphold the highest standards in the fashion and image field—dispensing accurate, appropriate, authentic, attractive, and affordable options for all people according to their needs and wants.

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“As a celebrity speaker, Judith Rasband captivated her audiences!”
Anna Hobbs, Editor, Canadian Living

Toronto, Canada

“She has created unparalleled educational materials and a wide range of seminars relating to image awareness and image improvement. Her expertise and range are extraordinary.”
Cynthia Skari, AICI, Color Quest

Denver, CO

A quintessential outlier living in the mountain land of Utah, Judith has achieved an impressive range of accomplishments.

  • Founder & CEO of the Conselle Institute of Image Management, a research oriented post-secondary school granting certification in image management careers.
  • Certified Image Master status in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).
  • Global Master of Merit in the Image Management Professional Association (IMPA).
  • Awarded AICI’s highest honor, the Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence, the IMMIE for Education.
  • Best-selling author in her niche markets, with books into their second and third editions with Fairchild, now Bloomsbury Publishers.
  • 5-Star Videos selected tops by Blockbuster Video.
  • Featured guest on OPRAHThe Today Show, Good Morning America, and countless NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and BBC news shows.
  • Featured articles in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, Healthy Utah, and more.
  • Taught visual design in dress at the University of Utah and later at Brigham Young University for 12 years.
  • Past President of the Mountain West Chapter of AICI.
  • Fashion Education Director for the Tailored Apparel, Jewelry, and Accessories Council.
  • Fashion Education Director for the Men’s Apparel Alliance.
  • Member of the International Textiles & Apparel Association.

Judith Shows the Way and the WHY

Through her Conselle Educational-Training in Image Management Careers and endless seminars, workshops, and retreats, Judith is credited for knowing the why behind the what, for who, when, and where—as well as the how. Knowledge is power, with options for everybody. For this reason, attendees in Judith’s keynote and breakout sessions leave feeling empowered to dress, care for, and carry themselves with greater respect, confidence, and capability, credibility, and productivity into a brighter future full of hope and happiness.

As a compelling breakout presenter who captivates her audiences, Judith translates the language of clothing, grooming, and the body, enabling attendees in discovering, defining, and developing their own personal style as an aid in enhancing their roles and achieving their goals.

Once booked, Judith (that’s Judi with an “i”) researches the needs, challenges, and goals of your group and customizes her presentation to your group, making every program unique and captivating. With her endless enthusiasm, engaging methods, and amazing demonstrations, Judi inspires and enables your audience to apply her concepts, strategies, and systems. They use their newfound knowledge and skills daily, for the rest of their lives.

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Book Judith Now

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