Image Consulting Special Interest Workshops

Personal Styling and Wardrobe Strategies for Everyday Lifestyles

Learn the secrets of personal styling and wardrobing success.

Tap into Judi’s energy, expertise, and experience as she leads you through a lively demonstration of twelve essential, practical, proven wardrobe strategies to insure you’ll wear what’s in your closet and love the way you look for the way you want to live.

With each strategy you’ll come closer to personal styling success as you see the concepts, guidelines, styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics working together in ways that will inspire you, increase your skills, save time and money too!

  • You’ll love seeing Judi’s Virtual Closet demonstration.
  • Get step-by-step guidelines to better evaluate what’s in your closet.
  • Eliminate those “wardrobe orphans,” then better organize what’s left.
  • Take command of your closet–and your image–in the new millennium!

Personal Styling with ColorSense

Color is the most exploited element of design! So let’s make sense out of the nonsense. Let’s get it right this time!

Get an eye-popping look at color perception, the dimensions of color, and the effects of color on clothing design, fabric selection, and coordination.

  • Learn how to increase your color memory for easier color matching and accessory coordination.
  • Judi includes a liberating approach to personal color selection and creative color schemes that works for every body! You’re not a season, you’re a person. Judi can show you how to wear virtually any color you want to wear.
  • Experience the exciting new ColorSense Clinic, as you evaluate your own coloring–fast, easy, and effective. (Bring favorites from your closet to evaluate and plan around.)
  • You’ll see creative color schemes working together in Judi’s Virtual Closet that will inspire you, guide your own wardrobing plans, and eliminate anxiety about color in clothing.
  • You’ll learn there are no right or wrong colors–only colors well or poorly used! You’ll learn how to use them well and get it right for you.

Personal Styling: It’s You!

So often, women buy only what’s current in the magazines and stores and the clothes don’t fit their personal style!

So exactly what is personal styling? Who has it? How can you have it too? Experience the new Lifestyle Clinic and the Personal Style Clinic to find out! International authority in visual design, Judith Rasband will lead you through fascinating interactive exercises in personal style, style grids, and style file “sorts”.

  • Determine your level on the innovative new Personal Style Scale™.
  • See the Virtual Closet rack show to reinforce your learnings.
  • Recognize which design traits suit you, and more importantly, which do not and why. You’ll discover it’s all in the mix.
  • Find out which designers create for which personal style.
  • Wear your favorite outfit to this seminar and bring your least favorite for evaluation.

Dress Slim: Everybody’s Favorite Fashion Strategy

Discover how to look pounds thinner–slim your figure instantly!

Spend valuable time with international fashion and image authority, Judith Rasband. She’s battled her weight throughout her life.

  • See how to select, combine, and sew the styles that camouflage and counter in comfort, whatever your size–even if your weight fluctuates.
  • See that success in dressing slim starts with the style you select.
  • See the guidelines in action as Judi models fashions from the Virtual Closet.
  • See Judi fool the eye with fabulous styles that accommodate and balance each figure type.
  • See women of all ages and sizes wearing designer details you can count on to visually slim your figure.
  • See what it’s like to like the way you can look, improve your body image, and boost self esteem.
  • See which lines, shapes, colors, fabrics, patterns, and accessories make the strategy work.
  • See clusters of softly-styled clothes that work together for a dress slim look in urban and rural settings, pieces from the Virtual Closet.

You’ll learn personal styling tips and tricks you can’t wait to put to work!