Favorite Quotes From Business Program Participants Workshops

“Thank you for sending the Style Scale and color “Let’s Get Back to Business” flyers. They are beautiful, current and very professional. You have made dressing right for business easy for anyone to understand. You have set a standard of professionalism that makes you the perfect role model for our industry. Thank you for that.”

Donna Cognac, AICI
Boston, MA

“Our managers reported nothing but praise for your program. We didn’t know you could give us so much in one session. The materials were more than we expected. The visuals and the exercises reinforced everything you taught. We’ll recommend this program be implemented throughout the company.”

Robert Shirley, Marriott Hotels
Chicago, IL

“Judith, what a smash you were! Some of the comments were: ‘That’s the first one of those meetings I have ever enjoyed.’ ‘That is the best thing the bank has done.’ ‘She was so professional.’ Thank you for an outstanding job……”

Doris Taggart, Zions First National Bank
Salt Lake City, UT

“I must apologize to you. Before the presentation began, I looked at the props and thought, ‘Oh no, not another Find Your Colors and Make Yourself Pretty lecture!’ But it quickly became clear that you were different! This was really down to earth, useful new information! I had a ball and can hardly wait to put my new knowledge to work!”

Barbara Luke, Head Start
Provo, UT

“She’s a rare blend…the most knowledgeable in the field, yet totally down to earth…accurate, sensitive, practical, creative, all at the same time.”

Ryan Bailey
Chicago, IL

“Your seminar on professional presence and image was exactly what we needed–a realistic approach to our appearance problems. We can already see improvement in our agents and continue to hear positive feedback about the time spent……”

Glen Rolly, State Farm
Greeley, CO

“Judith does a first class presentation with just the right amount of humor to make the day fun as well as a valuable learning experience……”

Jeanne Manley, Madeleine Direct
Rockford, IL

“She is thoroughly versed in such topics as social psychology of dress, wardrobe management, grooming, and body language, etiquette and protocol, business development and more. Judith is a very intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive, caring and helpful professional…”

Helena Chen, H. C. Designs
San Francisco, CA

“Judith is a powerful speaker. I am confident she will captivate her audience.”

Vince Rua
Albany, NY

“Judith’s understanding of nonverbal communication is uncanny–it’s incredible”

Dawn Jensen
Cleveland, OH

“She has provided a true service in helping to expose and correct much of the misinformation and incorrect ‘gimmicks’ about appearance promoted in recent years, and does so without being negatively critical or substituting other gimmicks. She has a ‘touch’ that shows genuine interest in the well-being of the user……”

Marian L. Davis, Professor & Author
Tampa, FL

“When I go to work, I’ve got to know I’m going to work…not relax or play. In different clothes you behave differently. What I wear to work makes a real difference!”

Saundra Smith
New York, NY

Special For Retirees

“Dear Judith, Thank you for the inspirational presentation you gave in Dallas. It is difficult to articulate the how and why, but your talk turned on a light for me. I retired from a wonderful career and moved to be near to my grandchildren. I have filled my life with new and exciting activities that I never had time for before…I thought it was absolute freedom to get up and go in the morning sans hot rollers, makeup, suit, and heels. Because I never had much in the way of play clothes, I find myself dressing in ‘early grunge’ mode and down the tube in a t-shirt. In spite of all the positives in my life, I felt like something was wrong…


While you were talking, it was like you were saying things I was supposed to hear. I now believe that some of the things I am feeling uneasy about stem from my not dressing in a way that enhances my appearance or supports my self-esteem. I’m going to work to correct this and will let you know how it goes. By the way, I will see you in February, as I plan to attend your seminars in Huntsville. Thanks Again.”

Donna Hewes
Dallas, TX

“Has anyone told you lately that you’re a genius?! Wow! You have changed my life! Thanks to you, I have made fabulous combinations that previously I never would have considered wearing together, and they work!”

Mary Roehr
Sedona, AZ

“I am so excited over Judith Rasband’s videos and Five Easy Pieces® and LookChangers® ideas. These topics are like a gold mine! I glean so many ideas and put basic principles into practice daily!”

P. Clinebell
Linden, NJ