How to Have a Fabulous and Fulfilling Career as an Image Consultant: Tip #5

Aug 16, 2017

Tip #5: Learn the principle-based concepts, strategies, and skills taught by Conselle, necessary to carry you through a lifetime career successfully.

One of the areas that sets Conselle apart is its ability to rely on classic principles of art, and science including mathematics. As Conselle image consultants, we use the artistic elements and principles of design taught in every university level art foundation class around the world. Why? Because what you put on your body is your own artistic representation of who you are. And it communicates something about you. It may say that you are incredibly creative, artistically confused, completely boring, or something else entirely. Nevertheless, what you wear speaks before you even say a word. Because fashion trends come and go, your education can become quickly dated if the focus is only on what’s hot now. Understanding the messages each artistic element of design conveys, how they relate to the body and personality of each of my clients has helped me find the perfect fit for them. Science comes into play when we uncover differences in perception, psychological messages, figure variations and anatomy, just to name a few. These concepts are timeless and will support your career as far as you want to take it.

Judith Rasband says, “Conselle affiliates identify your natural personal characteristics or traits and align them in harmony with clothing and grooming traits, after balancing or counter balancing dominant traits as needed.”

My business is growing and will continue to flourish because of the concepts, strategies and skills based on classic academic principles that relate to what we’re seeing now and will see in the future. It’s all thanks to Conselle Institute of Image Management. A great education never goes out of style.

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