Expressive Image Therapy Introduced at AICI Global Conference 2015

Aug 28, 2015

I am just returned from the AICI Global Conference in Washington DC with members attending from over 32 different countries. It was a joy to renew friendships and recharge enthusiasm for the image industry with professionals who recognize the significant influence of personal appearance on the individual, on social and cultural groups, and on civilization as a whole. In my own conference session I presented Expressive Image Therapy as a new, mindful, and meaningful approach to wellness, image management, and personal style, which at the conclusion garnered a standing ovation!

Through visual demonstrations and interactive exercises, those in attendance learned how to use the elements of image, namely dress, grooming, and body language including etiquette, to achieve therapeutic goals. Visual design in dress and grooming is a creative art form. Expressive image therapy is about using the elements and principles of design to draw negative attention away from the body, to communicate, to improve or restore a client’s ability to function effectively, and to regain his or her sense of personal well being. Increased awareness encourages emotional growth with a realistic body image. Participants loved learning how to help clients express themselves visually, using clothes and grooming as resources or tools. We added many new members to the Expressive Image Therapy Association. For more information on advanced training and membership, go here: