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Develop your most valuable resource,
your staff and employees.

An exciting variety of cost-effective image management programs are available, designed to enhance the professional image, improve self-presentation skills, increase confidence and credibility needed for success in today’s highly competitive world.

It isn’t enough to give sales, product or technical training without also including image training, the most visible credential of all. Providing this professional image management development opportunity is an excellent way to encourage, motivate, and reward employees. Image management programs are also ideal for new employee orientation.

Participants will immediately be more effective in daily situations. They will benefit from increased self esteem, self confidence and credibility; improved performance and productivity; decreased absenteeism, and be better able to reflect authority, ability, and sensitivity to others, reaping the success that a professional image brings.

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You’re here because you have questions or needs relevant  to appearance, image, self-presentation, or self-branding — for yourself, your employees, or someone else you care about. You want answers and applications that make sense. That’s where I come in — to tell and show you what works, what doesn’t, and WHY. Make time to look through my website on a computer to get the big picture. Discover what image is all about and the services I provide for you. Learn how to project who you are from the inside out with pro-active, mindful intent.


-Judith Rasband, Certified Image Master (CIM)


Conselle provides a full range of image-related educational-training and services essential for individuals in the workplace, their companies, organizations, and associations.

Do you need a customized program for your next meeting, conference, convention, retreat, or in-house training? Or, do you need personal help with your professional image?

Conselle image management professionals guide you in recognizing, understanding, and appreciating the value of appearance and non-verbal communication to self and others. They provide direction in the development of a successful business casual dress code, image improvement, and continued management program—it’s Image Management from the inside out.

Conselle also offers lasting solutions to everyday appearance challenges, increasing personal and professional effectiveness–enhancing credibility, attracting and holding attention, advancing ideas, instructions, and goals–and ultimately achieving a better bottom line for all.

Comprehensive Seminars Cover:

  • Survey results from 500 firms
  • Sensitive solutions to business casual dress code issues
  • Easy-to-use guidelines for all levels of professional dress
  • The innovative and fully illustrated Style Scale®
  • Business Casual Dress Code Policy Development option appropriate for the specific industry and corporate culture.

Presentation Formats Available

Keynote Speeches: 20–60 minute motivational presentations for breakfast, luncheon meetings, banquets, conferences or assembly sessions.

Breakout Sessions, Seminars, Workshops, & Retreats: 60–90 minute, half-day, full-day, two-day and five-day programs are available depending on organizational needs and objectives. Participants are fully involved through awareness and evaluation exercises, self-disclosure tests, work sheets, workbooks, slides, overhead projectuals, video and feedback, as well as memorable demonstrations. Participants receive high-value take-home materials.

Follow-Up Consulting/Coaching Services and Products: Private, personalized consulting and coaching services are available by appointment. Books, pamphlets, audio tapes, and videotapes are available, with foreign language translation available upon order.

Featured Program/Seminar Topics:

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Cashing In On Dressing Up™

Increase your income and your influence through self-presentation, self-branding.


Image Advantage™

A most timely program for professionals at all levels, describing business casual dress code in detail.

Clothing Communicates

“Without saying a word, your clothes speak loud and clear. In fact, they don’t shut up! People continually say and write, “Look out for the statement you’re making.” “Be careful of the message you’re sending.” Yet most people don’t know what’s doing the talking.”



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