Continued Benefits

Continued Benefits through Business Support

Conselle’s Initial Educational Training in Image Management is limited to two weeks due to family and employment obligations. Because it takes time to internalize and practice the concepts, strategies, and skills taught during the Educational-Training, Conselle affiliates will certainly benefit by our 15-Month Mentorship period. We highly recommend that you use this time to internalize the information and complete your interactive exercises, unit review quizzes, and picture portfolio.

  • For continued support, we invite you to maintain contact with Conselle by phone, e-mail, snail-mail, and fax. When and where possible, Judith will visit you in your home location.
  • Take advantage of your mentorship time to enhance your ability to start up your image business successfully. Contact us with questions or concerns as you grow your image business.
  • Join the vibrant and supportive Conselle affiliate network to develop strong relationships and resources.
  • To reflect your Conselle affiliation, you may personalize Conselle business cards or print “Conselle Affiliate” on your card.
  • Receive the right to display the Conselle Seal on your website.
  • Receive monthly Conselle News Notes from Judith.
  • Take advantage of wholesale prices on books and materials available for re-sale at your own seminars and workshops or to your individual clients.
  • Enjoy free group tele-conference sessions for and including all interested Conselle affiliates.
  • Referrals when qualified and as they are available in your area location.
  • Receive new materials annually through Conselle’s re-licensing option.
  • Post your business photo, bio, and contact information on Conselle’s website.
  • Remember the invitation to return to Utah and repeat the entire Educational-Training or selected days of the program to reinforce your learning—and all without charge.
  • Periodically, unpaid internships are available to Conselle affiliates, providing valuable onsite experience to advance your knowledge and skills. Interns can expect to perform consulting, seminar, and/or office work depending on Conselle’s need at the time.

Annual Advanced Conselle Affiliate Retreat

Building your business is never less than challenging, which is why you need an educational partner that is no less than exceptional. Conselle is with you from start-up to moving up. Additional and advanced education is essential to stimulate your enthusiasm, intellectual growth, and knowledge, to support and sustain your business effort, and to provide you with a growing network of trusted Conselle affiliates. Therefore, an annual retreat for Conselle affiliates is planned for the third week of January. At this event, you will engage in the following types of activity:

  • Network with like-minded people who share similar values, interests, concepts, strategies, and goals—who strive to help others enhance their visual image and improve their lives. The friendships you form will grow and last for years to come.
  • Work with a volunteer client in a complete Wardrobe Evaluation Clinic, moving through the client interview, closet evaluation and organization process, advisement, and personal shopping. Arrange appointments for hair styling and makeup application, tactfully guiding those professionals to meet your client’s goals. Follow-up with a personalized professional critique of your experiences.
  • With a volunteer client, you will work through selected Conselle Clinics. Follow-up with personalized professional critique of your experiences.
  • If interested, you can prepare and present a 10-minute mini-seminar to be video-taped, with critique session to follow. Great fun and a valuable, professional development experience in a friendly environment.
  • To test your own self-presentation, networking, and etiquette skills, we will attend an elegant special occasion or semi-formal event, with a critique session to follow.
  • Preview new materials and resources developed at the Conselle Institute in the past year. Practice with selected materials as needed.
Bringing joy and passion and optimism to your work is not what you finally get to do when you finally get to the top of your profession. It is, instead, HOW you get to the top.

To be copied is said to be the highest of compliments. While our Educational-Training foundation and framework are regularly copied by others, the others are always behind the continuing advances made at Conselle. We are delighted with the continued uniqueness of our Educational-Training curriculum content. Conselle is always moving forward.

Celebrating 50 years of business success, Conselle, the most trusted image education facility worldwide is preserving a legacy of accurate image information, methods, and materials for upcoming generations. “The future belongs to those who know what they’re doing!”