Curriculum Topics

The dream for many people is to become an image consultant

The dream for many people is to become an image consultant and wardrobe stylist, yet few have the essential education and training to ensure their success. With this in mind, compare carefully the various training programs advertised.

Based on extensive comparison prior to 2016, no other image training company covers the complete range of image management topics that you learn about with Conselle. No other company uses the variety of methods and materials that you experience with Conselle.

The following topics are parts and pieces of the image puzzle with applications for men, women, teens, and children. Pieced together in a sequential and interlocking manner, you come closer to the whole puzzle.

Anyone who thinks an image career lacks depth or substance doesn’t really know what image is all about—does not really understand the meaning of “image from the inside out and outside in.”

Image consulting is a multidisciplinary field, interdisciplinary and closely related to virtually every aspect of life. Depending on your interest and goals, you may study all or specialize in a few of the topics.

Below is a list of main topics covered by Conselle. For a very detailed list of sub-topics, please Contact Conselle, for an email brochure with tuition rate and payment plans, or call 801-224-1207.

  1. Psychological Aspects of Dress & Image
  2. Sociological Aspects of Dress & Image
  3. Physical Aspects of Dress & Image
  4. Grooming
  5. Artistic Aspects of Dress & Image
  6. Line & Shape
  7. Color
  8. Fabric & Texture
  9. Pattern
  1. Personal Style for Men & Women
  2. History of Fashion & Style
  3. Wardrobing for Men & Women
  4. Wardrobe Evaluation and Closet Organization
  5. Personal Shopping for Men & Women
  6. Dress Code Policy & Development
  7. Manners & Etiquette
  8. Professional Development
  9. Business Development & Management