1. We’re more polite than Stacy or Clinton.
  2. With Conselle, you don’t need a number of different courses. You get it all!
  3. Class size is small, so you get personalized attention.
  4. At Conselle you experience a dynamic learning environment.
  5. With Conselle, you’re not limited, locked in, or labeled!
  6. Conselle achieves an exciting mix of logic and magic!
  7. We strike a balance between common sense and creativity.
  8. Conselle is synonymous with accuracy, trust, and completeness.
  9. For the person looking for a more personal approach, Conselle measures up.
  10. All client consultation Clinics are logical, replicable, and explainable.
  11. Receive a national listing of image industry associations and contacts.
  12. Conselle faculty and staff members are friendly, sensitive, and supportive over the long haul!

Add to that, we have a lot of serious FUN!