Spring Is Ageless and So May We Become

By Judith Rasband Well Hello Spring! We are approaching the rebirth of a new Spring season. Most of us look forward to more sun, blue skies, green leaves again, crocus and daffodils year after year, ageless, and revitalizing. Whatever our age, it’s a time for fresh new looks, new ideas, activities, and adventures in our [...]

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Entry Level Job Strategy

By Judith Rasband ©2006-2017 Conselle L.C. I’m up to my ears in media interviews concerning business casual-ties and sewer chic. I am reminded of the 1980s, when John T. Molloy was the image expert of media choice. Molloy pronounced that all male job applicants should wear either a charcoal pinstripe or navy blue suit. Nothing [...]

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Mistakes Will Happen

let’s face it By Judith Rasband A few weeks ago, I suggested some experimenting with clothing and accessories as a means of developing an artistic ability in dress and defining a personal style. "But what if I make a mistake?" some readers have asked since. Let’s face it, mistakes are natural, to be expected and [...]

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‘People Watching’ Pays Dividends

let’s face it By Judith Rasband Remember those people you always watched in high school? You know, the girls and guys who looked just right, as well as the few who looked like a fright. And now there’s your neighbor who’s beautifully groomed and seems so secure, and the fellow whose high-water pants cause people [...]

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A Mammogram Can Save Your Life: Let’s Face It

By Judith Rasband How incredibly ironic. Stacked neatly on my desk are research articles and reports recently received in preparation to write a series of articles on breast cancer and its impact on body image, self image, self esteem and self-presentation after a mastectomy. Now, just days later and still remembering a hazy fog that [...]

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Wardrobe 911

Tips For Getting a Wardrobe Makeover By Judith Rasband Requests for "HELP" with wardrobe makeovers come by phone, by mail, and now by e-mail. Sometimes there is just a hesitant tap on my shoulder. Requests come because people are not satisfied with the way they look and feel about themselves, and the way others respond [...]

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Manners Matter: Pointers For Parents

By Judith Rasband Make no mistake about it. Manners are missing in this modern day in the 21st Century. At a time in history when we have the most and the best of just about everything anyone could ask for, we don't even ask anymore. People just take—let alone say, "Please," "Thank you," or "May [...]

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From the Rabbi’s Computer

—Oak Park Temple Messenger— In the grand scheme of things, what a person wears to services is relatively unimportant. I may be wrong, but I don't think God keeps a list of the "Ten Best Dressed Congregants." But what we wear to services, and, in particular, what young people wear is not entirely unimportant either. [...]

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