4 fashion pieces are reported that American girls wear that British girls think are a tad bit funny

4 fashion pieces include: Preppy college looks, even decades after they graduate. Activewear for Everyday-wear as though they were headed to the gym. Baseball cap wore front and backward. Flip flops, morning, noon, and night. Hey girls, take a lesson from the Brits and upgrade your wardrobe to better fit your age, lifestyle, and real-life [...]

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Fashion Firms Revolutionizing Their Design Routines

Fashion Firms are Revolutionizing Their Design Routines with Advanced 3D Technology in the race to get trends to shoppers. Before we had computer aided design (CAD) software, designers sketched ideas on paper, a design was approved, and the sketches went to a factory that created prototypes. Designers and product developers tweaked the design, sending prototypes [...]

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The Real Cause Behind Failing Fashion Industry

400,000 Jobs Cut Due to Dirty Distressed Denim Conselle Institute of Image Management Orem, Utah, November 14, 2017 / “Fashion retailers are fashion victims of their own making," says Judith Rasband, Executive Director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management. "What started in Silicon Valley, was plugged by Levi’s as Casual Friday, has eroded into [...]

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Nordstrom sells jeans covered with fake mud for $425.

Fashion and Image News Editorial Comment Nordstrom sells jeans covered with fake mud for $425. The fake mud generated real outrage on Facebook where the story was trending Tuesday morning. Print stories flooded in all day. Born and raised in Washington State, I shopped at Nordstrom when it only carried shoes. I was a hostess [...]

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