Develop a Feel for Fabric and Texture for Summer

A variety of textures makes an outfit, a cluster, and indeed a whole wardrobe more interesting to look at and more fun to wear. When clothing texture comes to mind, a lot of people think of winter-weight wools; the tweed, herringbone, flannel, and sweater knits. The summer, however, is a terrific time for texture too, [...]

The Importance of Dressing Mindfully

When we think of fashion, we usually think of the impact our clothing will have on other people. As we are preparing for a job interview, we dress nicely to impress the interviewer. While we’re at work, we actively strive to maintain a more professional appearance. When we’re going on a date, we choose an [...]

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Investment Pieces Worth Their Weight in Gold

Now is a time of year when many people, including myself and my clients, think about acquiring a few new pieces of clothing to expand or update their wardrobe for the coming season — yet few know what to buy. You may know what I'm going to tell them — simple basics, enduring classics, investment pieces. [...]

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Spring Is Ageless and So May We Become

By Judith Rasband Well Hello Spring! We are approaching the rebirth of a new Spring season. Most of us look forward to more sun, blue skies, green leaves again, crocus and daffodils year after year, ageless, and revitalizing. Whatever our age, it’s a time for fresh new looks, new ideas, activities, and adventures in our [...]

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All Is Calm If You’re A Bright Planner

By Judith Rasband “My days are getting shorter and shorter!” wailed my neighbor. Well, indeed they are, because we’re headed for December 21, the shortest day of the year. And I know, there’s so much to do between now and then as we prepare for the holidays. Often, we’re so busy doing all the things [...]

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How To Have a Fabulous and Fulfilling Career as an Image Consultant Tip #2 – Do Your Homework

Before you can hope to build serious momentum in your business, become the master of the product you are selling.  Remember the book, The Little Engine That Could?   The poor little train full of dolls, toys, and good things for the boys and girls on the other side of mountain is stranded.  The big engines refuse to [...]

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Wardrobe Essentials…Is Black In or Out?

What about black?  Yes, some advise a black blazer, black pencil skirt, black pants, black, black, and more black.  Next we read, “No more black,” “Don’t wear black,” and the idea is passed on without thinking, from one fashionista to another until it’s become the trend.  So don’t believe it.  There’s no logic and it’s limiting. [...]

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How to Have a Fabulous and Fulfilling Career as an Image Consultant Tip #3

Practice consulting with volunteer clients who are extremely different from you. One of the challenges that image consultants face is knowing how to dress other people according to their personal coloring, figure variation, personal style and lifestyle.  Dressing yourself MAY COME NATURAL TO YOU, but teaching others what works for them, and not necessarily you, [...]

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The Emperor’s New Shoes – Are Your Shoes Making You Look Foolish?

According to the fairytale, there was once an Emperor who was “exceedingly fond of fine clothes.”  He was easily fooled by a pair of swindlers who pretended they could weave the most “magnificent fabric imaginable.”  Clothing made from the fabric, they said, was invisible to anyone who was stupid.  People in the Kingdom were not [...]

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