Power Up Your Personal Brand

With the Conselle Institute of Image Management ©2019 Conselle L.C. Conselle is the global leader in full-service image education, clinics, and consulting, founded by Judith Rasband AICI CIM, Executive Director. We enable our clients to carry out their personal or corporate image transformation through image management and enhanced social behavior. With five decades of experience [...]

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Develop a Feel for Fabric and Texture for Summer

A variety of textures makes an outfit, a cluster, and indeed a whole wardrobe more interesting to look at and more fun to wear. When clothing texture comes to mind, a lot of people think of winter-weight wools; the tweed, herringbone, flannel, and sweater knits. The summer, however, is a terrific time for texture too, [...]

The Real Cause Behind Failing Fashion Industry

400,000 Jobs Cut Due to Dirty Distressed Denim Conselle Institute of Image Management Orem, Utah, November 14, 2017 / “Fashion retailers are fashion victims of their own making," says Judith Rasband, Executive Director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management. "What started in Silicon Valley, was plugged by Levi’s as Casual Friday, has eroded into [...]

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Mistakes Will Happen

let’s face it By Judith Rasband A few weeks ago, I suggested some experimenting with clothing and accessories as a means of developing an artistic ability in dress and defining a personal style. "But what if I make a mistake?" some readers have asked since. Let’s face it, mistakes are natural, to be expected and [...]

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‘People Watching’ Pays Dividends

let’s face it By Judith Rasband Remember those people you always watched in high school? You know, the girls and guys who looked just right, as well as the few who looked like a fright. And now there’s your neighbor who’s beautifully groomed and seems so secure, and the fellow whose high-water pants cause people [...]

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First Real Dress Code Ever Devised

In 1990, image author Judith Rasband predicted the business casual downtrend, reduced productivity and civility in the workplace, the current drop in retail clothing sales, and the domino effect on related businesses. Now, director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management, Rasband has created the first real dress code ever devised—the solution to confusion and [...]

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The Vision and Spirit of Conselle Institute of Image Management

Of all that Conselle offers, this Vision is our most powerful incentive. The Spirit of Conselle is the heart and soul of this image enterprise. It is a sincere and rare quality—a combination of consumer concern, principle-based concepts, proven strategies, respect, hard work, and commitment—that becomes part of each person affiliated with Conselle and enriches [...]