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Corporate / Business Seminars

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Develop your most valuable resource, your staff and employees.

An exciting variety of cost-effective image management programs are available, designed to enhance the professional image, improve self-presentation skills, increase confidence and credibility needed for success in today’s highly competitive world.

It isn’t enough to give sales, product or technical training without also including image training, the most visible credential of all. Providing this professional image management development opportunity is an excellent way to encourage, motivate, and reward employees. Image management programs are also ideal for new employee orientation.

Participants will immediately be more effective in daily situations. They will benefit from increased self esteem, self confidence and credibility; improved performance and productivity; decreased absenteeism, and be better able to reflect authority, ability, and sensitivity to others, reaping the success that a professional image brings.

You’re here because you have questions or needs relevant  to appearance, image, self-presentation, or self-branding — for yourself, your employees, or someone else you care about. You want answers and applications that make sense. That’s where I come in — to tell and show you what works, what doesn’t, and WHY. Make time to look through my website on a computer to get the big picture. Discover what image is all about and the services I provide for you. Learn how to project who you are from the inside out with pro-active, mindful intent.

-Judith Rasband, Certified Image Master (CIM)

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Judith Rasband, President & CEO

Judith Rasband is an influential and dynamic image management consulting professional with decades of experience in the field as fashion and image educator,
author, consultant, columnist, speaker, consumer advocate, video producer, and stylist.


Conselle provides a full range of image-related educational-training and services essential for individuals in the workplace, their companies, organizations, and associations.