100 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up

My granddaughter had a bad experience as a young teen that made me acutely aware of the need to know how to answer when someone asks with a sneer, “Why ya so dressed up?”  It wasn’t a compliment from the boy who asked her. Driving the insult, he added, “Who do you think you are, [...]

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Power Up Your Personal Brand

With the Conselle Institute of Image Management ©2019 Conselle L.C. Conselle is the global leader in full-service image education, clinics, and consulting, founded by Judith Rasband AICI CIM, Executive Director. We enable our clients to carry out their personal or corporate image transformation through image management and enhanced social behavior. With five decades of experience [...]

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4 fashion pieces are reported that American girls wear that British girls think are a tad bit funny

4 fashion pieces include: Preppy college looks, even decades after they graduate. Activewear for Everyday-wear as though they were headed to the gym. Baseball cap wore front and backward. Flip flops, morning, noon, and night. Hey girls, take a lesson from the Brits and upgrade your wardrobe to better fit your age, lifestyle, and real-life [...]

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Develop a Feel for Fabric and Texture for Summer

A variety of textures makes an outfit, a cluster, and indeed a whole wardrobe more interesting to look at and more fun to wear. When clothing texture comes to mind, a lot of people think of winter-weight wools; the tweed, herringbone, flannel, and sweater knits. The summer, however, is a terrific time for texture too, [...]

The Importance of Dressing Mindfully

When we think of fashion, we usually think of the impact our clothing will have on other people. As we are preparing for a job interview, we dress nicely to impress the interviewer. While we’re at work, we actively strive to maintain a more professional appearance. When we’re going on a date, we choose an [...]

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Investment Pieces Worth Their Weight in Gold

Now is a time of year when many people, including myself and my clients, think about acquiring a few new pieces of clothing to expand or update their wardrobe for the coming season — yet few know what to buy. You may know what I'm going to tell them — simple basics, enduring classics, investment pieces. [...]

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Fashion Firms Revolutionizing Their Design Routines

Fashion Firms are Revolutionizing Their Design Routines with Advanced 3D Technology in the race to get trends to shoppers. Before we had computer aided design (CAD) software, designers sketched ideas on paper, a design was approved, and the sketches went to a factory that created prototypes. Designers and product developers tweaked the design, sending prototypes [...]

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Spring Is Ageless and So May We Become

By Judith Rasband Well Hello Spring! We are approaching the rebirth of a new Spring season. Most of us look forward to more sun, blue skies, green leaves again, crocus and daffodils year after year, ageless, and revitalizing. Whatever our age, it’s a time for fresh new looks, new ideas, activities, and adventures in our [...]

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All Is Calm If You’re A Bright Planner

By Judith Rasband “My days are getting shorter and shorter!” wailed my neighbor. Well, indeed they are, because we’re headed for December 21, the shortest day of the year. And I know, there’s so much to do between now and then as we prepare for the holidays. Often, we’re so busy doing all the things [...]

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The Real Cause Behind Failing Fashion Industry

400,000 Jobs Cut Due to Dirty Distressed Denim Conselle Institute of Image Management Orem, Utah, November 14, 2017 / “Fashion retailers are fashion victims of their own making," says Judith Rasband, Executive Director of the Conselle Institute of Image Management. "What started in Silicon Valley, was plugged by Levi’s as Casual Friday, has eroded into [...]

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