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Teen Poverty in America

The Need for a Wardrobe Makeover received from the Internet, source unknown We just spent several hours observing teenagers hanging out at our local [...]

Stuff and Nonsense

By Judith Rasband AICI.CIM (Previously Published In the AICI “Connections” Newsletter Online) The world is full of stuff. All sorts of stuff. Right stuff [...]


Companies Cannot Afford High Turnover Rate

By Judith Rasband © 2008-2017 Conselle Institute of Image Management Employees are a company’s greatest resource. If a company can’t create satisfied employees, the [...]

First Real Dress Code Ever Devised

In 1990, image author Judith Rasband predicted the business casual downtrend, reduced productivity and civility in the workplace, the current drop in retail clothing [...]

Personal Consulting

Entry Level Job Strategy

By Judith Rasband ©2006-2017 Conselle L.C. I’m up to my ears in media interviews concerning business casual-ties and sewer chic. I am reminded of [...]

Mistakes Will Happen

let’s face it By Judith Rasband A few weeks ago, I suggested some experimenting with clothing and accessories as a means of developing an [...]

Custom Fit/Alterations


Fashion and Image Mythbusters

A word to the wise, from image consultant Judith Rasband, AICI, CIM and friends, words of exasperation and inspiration: "If we want the image [...]