Who Will Benefit By Attending
Conselle’s Course Of Study?

Become an Image Consultant: Smiling Thumb

Image consulting, wardrobe styling, and image makeovers are three of the hottest growth market segments within the fashion and image industries today. Image consulting is a relatively new industry, but fashion and image experts are in demand. Most image consultants are self-employed entrepreneurs, offering seminars and services to individuals and corporate or association clients. Related job opportunities are available—some more obvious than others.

Conselle’s Educational-Training is designed to prepare potential and practicing image consultants, personal shoppers, and fashion or wardrobe stylists for a successful career in image management—to advance your knowledge and skills in image management. Conselle’s Educational-Training is intended for anyone serious about accuracy and excellence in image education. The curriculum will provide universally accepted academic and trade knowledge and skills for the purpose of certification, along with unique methods and materials created for long-term success within the fashion and image industries.

The following will benefit by attending the Conselle Institute of Image Management:

Become an Image Consultant: Girl with Glasses Thumb
  • Men and Women with interest or need for personal improvement
  • Aspiring Image Consultants
  • New Image Consultants
  • Practicing Image Consultants
  • Fashion and Wardrobe Stylists
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Retail Clothing Store Owner
  • Retail Display Artists/Visual Merchandizing Artists
  • Hair Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Custom Clothiers
  • Fashion and accessory designers
  • Fashion and accessory retailers
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion Forecasters
  • Fashion Reporters and Writers
  • Fashion Editors
  • Interior Designers
  • Modeling Agency owners and staff
  • Fitness Center and Spa owners and staff
  • Theater, Film, and TV Costume Designers
  • Fashion Museum Curators
  • Academic Fashion and Image Educators
  • Etiquette Experts
  • Wellness and Weight Counselors
  • Career Coaches and Counselors

—A Great Education Never Goes Out Of Style!—

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