When Should You Consider Hiring an Image Consultant

  • When you want to look more attractive - terrific all the time.
  • When you need to get more value from your clothing dollar.
  • When you look out of date or out of sync with current fashion and you need to update your appearance.
  • When you want your clothing to fit better and flatter your body type.
  • When you want to look pounds thinner or heavier, without changing your eating or exercise habits.
  • When you experience a noticeable weight loss or gain and need a new image to complement the new you.
  • When you want your clothing ot be a better reflection of your personality.
  • When you need to coordinate your clothing and accessories to get more variety and flexibility from your wardrobe.
  • When you graduate from high school or college and a new image signals entry into the "real world."
  • When you'r e preparing for a job interview and need a credible, capable image.
  • When a job transfer or promotion requires you to appear more appropriately authoritative or approachable.
  • When you want your colleagues and associates or staff to reflect a more professional image, one that will give them a competitive edge.
  • When you move to a new geograhpic area and want t ochange or improve your appearance.
  • When new demands on your time and energy demand a simple, easy-care image you can continue to manage.
  • When you're planning a business trip or vacation and the destination will bring significant changes in the weather and in your activities.
  • When a special event requires special-occasion clothing.
  • When you suddenly feel awkward or uncomfrotable in your clothing and too old for the latest trends, yet you want to appear fashionable.
  • When you sense that time is marching on and a new image would give you renewed enthusiasm for life.
  • When you've passed through a difficult time in your life and a new image can signal positive new directions.
  • When you're just plain tired of your clothes or current image and want a change for the sake of change - something less predictable, something out of the ordinary.
  • When you don't have the time or desire to shop for yourself - when shopping has become a necessity and a nuisance.
  • When you need an appropriate gift for a family member, friend, or business associate and time is running out.
  • When you want to learn more about line, shape, color, pattern, and fabric for your face and body type.
  • When you want to learn how to use makeup more effectively and efficiently.
  • When you want a new hairstyle.
  • When you want to use effective body language to enhance your image.
  • When, for whatever reason, you want to look your best!

When you need to update, upgrade,
or improve your image, it makes sense
to tap the expertise of a qualified
professional - a taleneted, educated, and
experienced CONSELLE image
management consultant.



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