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Enhance the image of your extended organizational family. The appearance and manner of your employee's partner must be an asset, not a liability.

Family members need to be on the same team. A variety of fascinating guest programs is available, each designed to complement the professional image. These programs consistently receive the highest possible audience-ratings.

Because of the unique and contagiously enthusiastic style of delivery, guests become totally absorbed in these dynamic personal wardrobe presentations. A large volume of practical take-home materials dramatically contributes to high audience response and stimulates requests for follow-up programs.

Participants will immediately be more effective in daily situations, whether in the home, community, or workplace. Participants will be able to present themselves and their ideas with more confidence and credibility, reaping the rewards that improved image and presentation skills bring.

Presentation Formats Available

Keynote Speeches: 20-60 minute motivational presentations for breakfast, luncheon meetings, banquets, conferences or assembly sessions.

Breakout Sessions, Seminars, Workshops, & Retreats: 60-90 minute, half-day, full-day, two-day and five-day educational programs are available depending on organizational needs and objectives. Participants are fully involved through awareness and evaluation exercises, self-disclosure tests, work sheets, workbooks, slides, overhead projectuals, video and feedback, as well as memorable demonstrations. Participants receive high value take-home materials.

Follow-Up Consulting/Coaching Services and Products: Private, personalized consulting and coaching services are available by appointment. Books, pamphlets, audio tapes, and videotapes are available, with foreign language translation available upon order.

Program Topics

Conselle's principle-based seminars and workshops are presented using sequential format and proven techniques that promote rapid learning. Every program is designed to guarantee excellent retention of information and to ensure the ability to turn the new knowledge into action.

  • General
  • Art Elements and Principles
  • Wardrobing
  • Grooming
  • Special Interest

Groups and Organizations Served

Every Conselle program is principle-based, with data specific to your group, geographic region, goals and objectives. Conselle can respond quickly to your organization's needs. Accurate, up-to-date and effective information is the key to every presentation. A list of groups and organizations previously served is available upon request.



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