Fit & Fashion Sewing For Your Personal Wardrobe

Women quit fashion sewing because the clothes in their personal wardrobe don't fit! They don't fit their lifestyle, their personal style, or their figure. These programs focus on essential information you need to know before you sew your personal wardrobe, so you'll love and wear what you sew.

All personal wardrobe programs are based on the "Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Sewers." Concepts, strategies, and skills are often featured in the popular Threads magazine. Consider a Conselle program for your next special event or convention.

General Overview

Programs of special interest about your personal wardrobe are outlined in terms of purpose, types, topics available, and participant materials. Topics are described briefly.

Featured Programs / Seminar Topics:

Fabulous Fit Retreat

Conselle invites you to an exceptional, hands-on workshop as you retreat
from your every-day cares to achieve a fabulous fit for your personal wardrobe!

Fit Clinics

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Fit!

Featured Articles:

Fashion Sewing with Style and Ease


Favorite Quotes From Fashion Sewing Participants

Fabulous Fit

Personal Wardrobe: Fab Fit Book


Fabulous Fit, 2nd Edition. By Judith Rasband (Fairchild Publishing, Inc.). This second edition combines a user-friendly approach to the fitting...

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Wardrobe Strategies

Personal Wardrobe: Wardrobe Strategies Book


Wardrobe Strategies for Women. By Judith Rasband (Fairchild Books). This unique book provides the reader with a practical knowledge of exactly what...

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Fitting and Pattern Alteration

Personal Wardrobe: Fitting and Pattern Alteration


Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach. By Elizabeth Liechty, Della Pottberg, and Judith Rasband (Fairchild Publishing, Inc.)...

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