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Seeing Is Believing—

The series Part 1

See "Fearless Figure Evaluation," the first step toward a Fabulous Fit™. See Judi. See Judi in her leotard. See how much better you feel! See 6 ways to evaluate your figure. See Judi's friends'—real people with real figure variations and real figure types. See the keys to recognizing your own figure variations and figure type. See what it's like to like yourself whatever your size or shape. See wonderful wearable art, Lookchangers in pieced and patchwork fashions that let you like the way you look.

Seeing Is Believing—

The series Part 2

See "Quick-Fit Style Selection," the second step toward a Fabulous Fit™. See that success in sewing depends on the style you select to sew. See the guidelines. See Judi fool the eye with styles that accommodate and balance each figure type—without alteration! Then learn how to create alternative silhouettes that camouflage and counter-balance your figure type in complete comfort. Judi models alternative silhouettes and a softly styled 8-piece wardrobe cluster.

Seeing Is Believing—

The series Part 3

See "Painless Pattern Alteration," the most frustrating step toward a Fabulous Fit™. See how moving alterations to the seamline eliminates distortion and frustration! See the guidelines. See 45 real alterations on real patterns for real people with real results you won't want to miss and can't wait to try! See alterations for the bust, the back, the belly, the bottom and beyond—beginning to advanced procedures. Bring paper-cutting scissors and tape. You'll see. It works!

Seeing Is Believing—

The series Part 4

See "5 Easy Pieces: The Wardrobe Strategy for Lifestyles 2010," the final step toward a Fabulous Fit™. See a lively demonstration of the cluster concept of wardrobing that'll take you into the new millennium in the way you'd like to be seen for the way you want to live. See the colors, fabrics, fashions and accessories working together in ways that will fire your imagination, increase your wardrobing skills, save you time and money, and simplify your life! Take command of your closet as we enter the 21st Century.



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