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Personal Styling: Image Consultant Teenage Grunge

We'd like to think it's "So long Hip-Hop," with jeans, T's, sneakers and flip-slops, and baseball caps being traded in for blazers and suits as the hip-hop generation grows up. But there is always another generation of teens coming up the ranks and we don't see much change coming. For them, silhouettes are close to the body thanks to poor sizing and stretch fabrics. Ease of any sort makes them cringe.

They haven't got a clue where their waist is. Adults who wear pants to the waist are "old fashioned." To be seen as "attractive enough to get dates," they bare their chest, their belly, and behind.

Yes, some young women across the country are asking retailers for modest prom dresses, but there's still trash-dressing for everyday occasions. Retail sales are still highest in low-rider jeans and belly-shirts.

Preppy sweaters, shorts, and shoes continue to be popular. Hot colors are pink with black. Striped leggings add a trendy touch of pattern. Pearls can take teen girls from demure to dramatic.



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