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Judith Rasband: Image Consultant Family

Consider booking a Conselle program with Judith Rasband for your next meeting, special event, conference, or convention.

Conselle provides a full range of image-related topics of interest to individuals and families. Judi's program content not only simplifies your life but increases your understanding and efficiency in clothing selection, coordination, and usage, as well as grooming and etiquette.

General Overview of Community Programs:

General Overview: Guest, Community, Continuing Education, and Personal Growth Programs are outlined in terms of purpose, types, topics available, and participant materials. Topics are described briefly.

Featured Programs/Seminar Topics:

"Dress Slim" and "Wardrobe Strategies", are among Judith Rasband's popular programs for women, are featured and described in some detail. Also "ColorSense" and "Personal Style: It's You!"

Favorite Quotes From Community Program Participants:

Comments from Program participants about Judith Rasband

Featured Articles by Judith Rasband:

  • "America's Going Down the Tube in a T-shirt"
  • Manners Matter: Pointers for Parents
  • Wardrobe 911
  • A Mammogram Can Save Your Life
  • Terrific Headwraps for Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy and Alopecia


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