Exactly What Is Dress Up Thursdays™?

The Importance of Impression Management

Dress Up Thursdays™ is a vehicle to get people thinking and talking about dress and image—it’s impact, it’s value, and benefit to the individual and to the community, the company or corporation, the school, and the home. Dress Up Thursdays™ is a vehicle for stimulating a dialog within the community, the workplace, the school, and even in the home.

Impression Management: Image Consultant Vocations

Dress Up Thursdays™ is an invitation to some, a challenge to others, but an opportunity for all to experience the positive effect of impression management on you and on others.

Clothing communicates, affecting:

  • the way you think,
  • the way you feel,
  • the way you act or behave,
  • and then, the way others react or respond to you.

You cannot NOT communicate. Your clothing, grooming, and body language function as a form of nonverbal impression management communicators, cues, or clues about the person within. Clothing speaks volumes about the person within. We talk in terms of "dressing from the inside out." Most people are not really aware of these cues, do not understand them, and therefore do not value them. When it comes to business casual, they misuse them, creating their own business casualties as a result.

When clothing cues are used wisely, Dress Up Thursdays™ is an opportunity to experience the power of clothing to help you achieve your goals, both personal and professional.

Dress Up Thursdays™ makes available to individuals, families, communities, and corporations, materials or teaching/learning tools developed by Judith Rasband. These materials have been carefully written and designed to re-educate the people about the impact and importance or value of appearance and image management. They include the definitive new dress code for business and leadership roles with its innovative new Personal/Professional Style Scale™.

You can choose among and take advantage of numerous Quick Reference Cards, the Style Guide leaflet, the Quick Reference Guide to Image Management booklet, related image management books, and a seminar proven to educate, entertain, and empower the participants. Learning how to select your clothes on the appropriate style level will empower you with increased confidence, capability, credibility, and productivity.

Let’s explode the myth. Contrary to popular opinion, business casual dress and grooming does not lead to increased productivity. Quite the opposite and predictably so. (Wall Street professionals and others who have recently dropped to casual dress in the workplace have opened themselves to dressing down without knowing what the predictable consequences are. But that’s a topic for another interview.)

Nonetheless, Dress Up Thursdays™ will NOT lump every body back into an executive level suit and tie. Instead, Dress Up Thursdays™ will provide an opportunity to learn the level or degree of dress on the Style Scale™ that will meet individual needs—including multiple roles during your day. Dress Up Thursdays™ will provide an opportunity to learn where and how to acquire comfortable, affordable, stylish, and attractive clothes that allow versatility, economy, individuality, and creativity.

But let’s explode another myth. Contrary to popular opinion, the country’s #1 fear is not public speaking. According to Rasband, the country’s #1 fear is fashion—what works, what doesn’t, and why. Dress Up Thursdays™ is a terrific vehicle, accompanied with wonderful educational materials and tools, which will take out the fear and put back in the facts and the fun!

The Dress Up Thursdays™ grassroots campaign will provide solutions to business casualties and the decline of civility in America. America’s going down the tube in a T-shirt! Come-on America, get behind this occasion. Dress Up Thursdays™ can be good for you, your family, your company, the economy, and for the country!



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