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Develop your most valuable resource, your staff and employees. An exciting variety of cost-effective image management programs are available, designed to enhance the professional image, improve self-presentation skills, increase confidence and credibility needed for success in today's highly corporate image.

It isn't enough to give sales, product or technical training without also including image training, the most visible credential of all. Providing this professional image management development opportunity is an excellent way to encourage, motivate, and reward employees. Image management programs are also ideal for new employee orientation.

Participants will immediately be more effective in daily situations. They will benefit from increased self esteem, self confidence and credibility; improved performance and productivity; decreased absenteeism, and be better able to reflect authority, ability, and sensitivity to others, reaping the success that a professional image brings.

Presentation Formats Available

Keynote Speeches: 20–60 minute motivational presentations for breakfast, luncheon meetings, banquets, conferences or assembly sessions.

Breakout Sessions, Seminars, Workshops, & Retreats: 60–90 minute, half-day, full-day, two-day and five-day programs are available depending on organizational needs and objectives. Participants are fully involved through awareness and evaluation exercises, self-disclosure tests, work sheets, workbooks, slides, overhead projectuals, video and feedback, as well as memorable demonstrations. Participants receive high-value take-home materials.

Follow-Up Consulting/Coaching Services and Products: Private, personalized consulting and coaching services are available by appointment. Books, pamphlets, audio tapes, and videotapes are available, with foreign language translation available upon order.

Program Topics

Conselle's principle-based image management seminars and workshops are presented using a sequential format and proven techniques that promote rapid learning. Every image management program is designed to stimulate all three types of learners–visual, auditory, and kinesthetic–to guarantee excellent retention of information, and to ensure the ability to turn the new knowledge into immediate action.


The Power of Image: Learn the universal effects of personal appearance, how to get control of this powerful influence and make it work for you.

Image Impact/Image Integrity: Learn how the image of every employee reflects directly on your product and service.

Public Persuaders: Messages in Personal Appearance: Learn what your image says about you. Learn the characteristics of dress, grooming and body language that predictably elicit negative response from others. Learn strategies to stimulate positive response.

Image Makers, Image Breakers: Details That Make the Difference: Details of dress and grooming that make the difference in a professional or unprofessional image. Eliminate the most common image mistakes. Includes an extensive self-evaluation exercise.

Your Image in Print: Steps and considerations involved in getting a professional looking business photo.

Your Image on Screen/Media Training: Dress and grooming tips for television and videotaping.

Effective Body Language in Business: A professional image can be ruined by bad body language! Effective postures, eye, head, hand, and body movements to enhance your image.

Etiquette in the Business Arena: A dynamic training seminar of precise information on business and social etiquette that includes approved conduct for today's competitive business and social environment. A cost-effective way for a business to generate positive public relations.

The Interview Image: Learn presentation skills to complement professional abilities and increase confidence and credibility in the job interview situation—useful in first meetings of any type.


The Executive Image: Image management and presentation skills for executive, administrative or managerial level personnel who work in traditionally conservative or formal offices.

The Competitive Image: Image management and presentation skills for sales personnel and clerical staff. Ideal for manufacturing representatives, for those in retail occupations or insurance, securities, real estate and other direct sales occupations.

The Academic Image: Image management and presentation skills for educators at all academic levels.

The Creative Professional Image: Image management and presentation skills for individuals who work in casual, rural or industrial office situations, those who work in-the-field or in-the-rough, as well as probation officers, counselors and social workers.

The Uniformed Professional Image: Image management and presentation skills for individuals required to wear a uniform on the job. Programs tailored for hospitality/hotel and food service/restaurant or cafeteria professionals, postal service, military and law enforcement personnel.

The Health Care Professional Image: Image management and presentation skills for medical personnel, from doctors to dietitians, X-ray technologists, therapists and pharmacists.

The Industrial Professional Image: Image management and presentation skills for individuals engaged in construction, transportation, maintenance, equipment repair and other forms of manual labor.

Industries Served

Every Conselle program is principle-based, with data specific to your organization, geographic region, goals and objectives. Conselle can respond quickly to your organization's needs. Accurate, up-to-date, and effective information is the key to every presentation. A list of industries and professions previously served is available upon request.



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