Style For Life Retreat For Women

Personal Styling: Image Consultants

Retreat to the beautiful high mountainlands of Utah for this exciting personal improvement workshop.

Since the 1960s, Conselle founder, Judith Rasband has been dedicated to helping individuals develop more effective personal and professional appearances. As a result, many ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary results in terms of non-verbal communication, self presentation, wardrobing skills, and personal style.

Over the years, Conselle has expanded its personal styling programs and materials by quantum leaps to meet the demand of people like you who want the best possible image information and education. With the STYLE FOR LIFE RETREAT, we have put together the ultimate experience in personal discovery, image development, and image improvement.

Women love Conselle because we make fashion and personal wardrobe fun again!

We design our programs to teach more than trends. We go beyond cliché and limiting rules or systems. Conselle participants learn how to apply basic concepts of image management to solve real-life image problems. As each concept is mastered, it leads naturally to the next. We gently guide you through the process of creating a personal and/or professional image that looks terrific and doesn't sacrifice personal style. We call it dressing from the inside out.

Our experienced educators make every session interesting, exciting, and just plain fun. We empower you to discover, develop, define, and achieve an image that brings you joy and confidence, and aids you in achieving your goals–in the home, school, community, and/or in the workplace.

Conselle offers a complete and sequential personal styling curriculum–beginning with image impact, moving into image evaluation and visual design as it relates to you. Image management comes next in the sequence, developing personal styling and implementing strategies for image improvement–and much more.

Now is the perfect time to indicate your interest or reserve a spot for yourself in Conselle's STYLE FOR LIFE RETREAT.

Contact Conselle for upcoming dates, 801-224-1207.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you don't want to wait, get together a group of interested friends and book us to come to you. Just call for details.

Join us for an exciting image enhancement experience of discovery, during which you will:

  • Pamper yourself for a few days and get solutions to your image needs
  • Take charge of the way you see yourself and others see you
  • Discover, define, and develop your own personal style
  • Zero in on strategies for dressing slim and a fabulous fit
  • Improve your self-presentation,
  • Enhance self-image, and increase self-confidence
  • Never be a fashion victim again!

Join us at the delightful and contemporary Marriott Residence Inn, and discover a New You!



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