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The Low-Down on Dressing Down: It’s time to explode the myth! Contrary to popular belief, dress-down days in the workplace bring not only a decrease in image advantage, but also in mannerly behavior and productivity...Read More

Real Men Don't Wear Tees: In the world of high fashion, the old-fashioned T-shirt is now called a "tee." What a word for a guy's T-shirt. "Tee" has a distinctly feminine, diminutive look and sound to it...Read More

America's Going Down the Tube in a T-shirt: Since 1960 and the onset of anti-establishment attitudes, standards of dress and image advandtage have declined. Not only has dress for traditional roles and occasions become increasingly casual...Read More

Style Scale™ Eliminates Confusion About "Business Casual": Finally, a logical approach to defining specific levels of business dress...Read More



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